Mobius Final Fantasy — Steam PC — Lightning Resurrection FFXIII Event Returns 60FPS HD

Oh, I didn’t realize this event is back. Haven’t played in awhile.
Sazh as a new job shown near the end. Lightning Ultimate Hero added in Gacha!
Added short tutorial to bypass and play JP version below on Steam.
1. Right Click your Desktop Wallpaper
2. Click New Shortcut
3. Copy and Paste steam://rungameid/504730
4. Run shortcut and install :D!

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Комментариев: 16
  1. Harupoppoo

    Is the event on the EN version, also can a completely new player get her easily? (x

  2. Kiarash Motamedi

    Hey step, this is your friend from Dragon Dogma Online. DDO is missing u!

  3. MarksMare

    Is there a big difference between the EN and JP version ?

  4. Kagura Lion

    no put her ass back in the coffin

  5. Raydeus

    Aw man! I got all excited at the beginning because I thought it was a Wipeout game. But it was only Lightning… (´Д` )

  6. ismail idris

    Hey step in the jp version are there second chances at getting supreme cards like minwu or gospel or is it one time only?

  7. ◀A.G.E▶

    The best gameplay channel, thanks for always sharing the best Steparu Sama 👊

  8. David Wayne


  9. kkkkkk1438


  10. Lune

    Lightning 💖 My Gad

  11. Tora GuuMoonRyoung

    So only in JP version? Not on global?

  12. Kuro

    This kinda videos keeps me in awe just thinking about how Mobile games nowadays have graphics on par with consoles it's crazy

  13. Ferrick

    wait, did they restart this event again and from zero progress?

  14. Derek Chua

    Can i get Cloud or Sephiroth now in jp version? or is it ended long time ago? :<<< And how to progress further in jp version other than do story quest, any guide for event? :3

  15. Andry Saputra

    best soundtrack evaaa.. ff13

  16. Evelyn L.

    NOOOOOOOO! I DON'T WANT TO FIGHT LIGHTNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;_; She may be harsh and cold at times, but she can be sweet and understanding!

    Why can't we just fight Barthandelus????????????????? HE'S THE BAD GUY OF 13!

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