Mobile Suit Gundam Online Gameplay Ground Type RX-79 (G)

I love this game :3! Check Out My Review

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Комментариев: 32
  1. BakaTakoUwU

    Love it!

  2. F322

    Are there any swords in the game?

  3. Kalas Asakura

    Come to America dammit!

  4. ChetChat

    i need to learn how to play this game better XD

  5. keasian123


  6. King Blank

    exteel was great fun

  7. Vexille08

    i love your job dude! :D

  8. Elvis Romero

    How can i play this game. I love it. Burning FINGER!

  9. Peter Lee

    I want to play this game, how did you get it?
    Is it only in Japanese?

  10. Alukard91

    Exteel looks much better

  11. WafflezGraal

    Dang Steparu you own :p

  12. Geno Cide

    just a 3rd person shooter?? or you can do the melee combos like in the PsP game

  13. Sky Knight

    Exteel was better

  14. TrueNorth

    This game looks toooo goooodd!!!!!

  15. FearYuzu

    dear steparu,
    Im a japanese.
    charaname is 「NxRenne」.
    thanks for friend register.

    I have a question,
    Did you understand the UI in Japanese?
    Very in the mood.

    You're # 2 overall ranking.
    Very Awesome!!
    Please do your best.( ´∀`)b

  16. Logan Smith

    I would really love for this to come to America

  17. azure98

    0:54 Gundam in a nutshell

    Pew Pew Pew Pew
    No you cant

  18. VonVoltaire

    Once that you watch 0083 and G Gundam you'll be a true man.

  19. VonVoltaire

    You just wrote Patrick Colasour's biography

  20. VonVoltaire

    Steparu every time I see your character I think of Soma Peries.
    You successfully made a loli version of her.

  21. Cal

    Ikr that game was simply amazing q.q

  22. Cal

    You can melee.

  23. Kyoraizuke

    They already made it online! the game system in the ps2 or ps3 i wish it has english version release of this game T^T this game soo awesome!

  24. Jay Yoon

    Graphics look awful

  25. Mikuru-senpai

    lol exteel is great but gundam games are the best the ones in the console are better than this

  26. Goken

    Does this play like the Gundam SD Capsule fighters, but just not in SD?

  27. GuardianRX93

    That what I thought

  28. goldzero12

    do you by any chance know how i can remove the lag from MSGO since im in the western region it is quite lagy which is very difficult to play.

  29. goldzero12

    hey do you know why i can't play now. it keeps saying ????????(A)?????? as soon as i logged in and wait for the loading to be done.

  30. Kevin

    When do you think this is going to come up in America/Europe ?

  31. goldzero12

    another question since i don't know how to delete a ms i was wondering if you can tell me how to?

  32. Luna Endicott

    If you're still in a position to answer this…how did you make your gun fire so fast? I have the same MS, and despite putting a load of upgrades into fire rate, I can't fire half as fast as you do, and I barely get any kills

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