Mobile Suit Gundam Online 52vs52 PvP Supporting Engineer Repair Players

I love this game :3! Check Out My Review
Just started playing. Fun game nostalgic FEZ stuff.
I like healing/repairing people it’s fun :D

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  1. Joseph Rosario

    not really the usually always fail outside of there areas because the rest of the world find them crap and its usually right on the money

  2. Nerobot

    Can you customize your gundam? Like with wings or something?

  3. Oz

    thats cuz all of america is all that call of duty bullshit, the game isn't even good.

  4. p mushroom

    2:46 — Hayato Kobayashi! Fuck yeah!


    Nice game! I manged to get this working on my pc but I gave up on it due to the lag and the fact that I kept having to reinstall it for some reason.

  6. Slider2k

    Don't know about the gameplay, but graphics are terrible.

  7. Joseph Rosario

    WOW,Rift, secret world, city of heroes and villeins, Guild wars 1 and 2, bioshock, Halo ETc Etc.
    they all beat what has been cumming out from the East

  8. BlupaxX

    Though all good games in their own right, except for GW2, I think there are better eastern mmo's than what you just listed.

  9. Deathandtheapple

    Getting Strike Freedom almost broke SD Gundam G Generations for me @[email protected] can't imagine that in a MMO.

  10. MrKat

    Its like Gundam and FEZ had a baby

  11. Joseph Rosario

    oh like what? cause they all failed miserably

  12. Wilson

    is this game still in beta or fully release?

  13. Wilson

    how do you start the game? keep pressing the orange box??

  14. Oz

    Not rlly i dont like Halo, WoW is overrated as hell. Fire Emblem and Monster Hunter are one of the few descent things to come out recently.

  15. Joseph Rosario

    just because you don't like Halo you cant deny that compared Fire Emblem and Monster Hunter, halo has more fans, more popular around the world .
    With out WOW MMo's would have never have become popular and made what MMo's are today and is still going strong.

  16. *Jared X*

    I hope that if this ends up in NA they actually get decent voice actors, unlike SDGO…

  17. K Hartness

    Such an ignorant comment. There were several big mmos out long before WoW. MMOs would still be what they are today without WoW, except we wouldn't have little kids running around saying everything is a copy of WoW.

  18. Joseph Rosario

    dude what you just said was ignorant, before wow came along Mmo's were a not well liked, they were considered grindey, and not fun.
    but Wow came and made the mmo fun by making questing entertaining and less grin, wow made the first dungeons search, characters class customizations, Made raids what it is today and more.
    Wow made everything that mmo these days use and if wow never came into the picture mmo's would be a lot different

  19. Joseph Rosario

    How am i Being a troll, Get your crap together before you fail at a conversation before you start.

  20. kaybo

    You're trying to say that eastern games makes no sale meanwhile west dominates the market? No, east is making shitload of that you can imagine. Have you even check Tiancity's profit through out the years? Most of the games are mediocre and even sucks. F2P in China means profit. As for the new modern games in the east comes out, the west won't have anything to counter it. Shit games like BO2 will be going downhill very soon. Fanboys denied it. CS and WoW pretty much change the gaming history.

  21. Joseph Rosario

    Pz dude the East Have been failing in the last few years. Nearly every single mmo that have come from the east has failed and has gone F2p in the first few months in there release.
    Western mmo's like Rift, wow, Gw2 etc has been dominating the market with higher game ratings, large populations and massive expansions putting eastern games in there place.

  22. kaybo

    Some are successful and some are unsuccessful just like western too. Western is failing at the same rate. Have you played GW2 lately? It's pretty dead even on high populated servers like Jade Quarry. Game companies these days only want money, they don't take the risk of gambling. I've been playing western games since I was a kid. Changing taste of games isn't a bad idea.

  23. Joseph Rosario

    i am not telling you to change your taste in mmo's, if you want to keep playing em good for you , more power to yah.
    It from my opinion and experience that eastern Mmo's are failing and western mmo's are taking them over.

  24. Oz

    Still proves the point, America is all about FPSs which is ridiculously annoying as hell.

  25. Joseph Rosario

    but still WOW, GW2, Rift and other mmo's have been beating eastern mmo's and Just because you don't like FPS does not mean that other people from all around the world don't like em as well.
    ass games coming from the East have been failing miserably

  26. Hikekura Last Warsmith

    just the Universal Century only?


    Sorry, but its a long and complicated process. The best thing you can do is look up an installation video on youtube, I know at least one guy has made a vid on it so just look around for it and all will be made clear.

  28. Yami "Eikoran"

    If this comes out NA.
    Please. PLEASE. dont remove the Japanese voicing

  29. Robert Samsel

    I've just recently downloaded the game. But it starts out in windowed mode. How on earth do I navigate the options menus in order to make it full screen?

  30. AUGundam

    Turn-A would be broken.

  31. AUGundam

    And you are sounding like a troll or an FPS fanboy.

    Ass games coming from the East? What have you been playing?

  32. AUGundam

    Doesn't take into account that most of the Western MMOs out now tend to be, well, new, so the popularity may apply for the short term, but long term remains to be seen.

    Whereas in the Eastern scene, we have a number of MMOs with amazing staying power. Moreover, the Western scene of MMOs may stagnate as well as Free-to-play in the west will likely reach a congestion rate. And it doesn't help your point when WOW subscriptions have decreased and The Old Republic was forced into F2P.

  33. Joseph Rosario

    not all western mmo may have stayed around but the best ones like wow that even after all these years are still p2p cause they still bring lots of good content, rift which have been growing in popularity for a long time now and gaining even more population since its new expansion and add-ons.
    and city of heroes and villeins that just ended last year and had great population and popularity more than all eastern mmo's

  34. ArtistofLegacy

    Universal Century series (0079, 08th MS Team only based on what I've seen.)

  35. Joseph Rosario

    First I am not a troll i have played lots of eastern mmo;s like lenage 2, aion, Tera, and a few low budget mmos and they have in my opinion all failed.
    While western mmo;s like WOW, Rift, City of heros/ villeins, the Secret world.
    Have always been superior to them in Gameplay, story, world immersion making me feel like i am apart of this wrold.
    Oh and European Game like EVE got me as well.

  36. Willy Fan

    i am still drooling over this.. GUNDAM!!! CHAARR! AMURO!!!

  37. hazarddex

    not as bad as the Turns would break it moonlight butterfly XD

  38. iamjason

    Is it a lobby free to play game?

  39. Emunk Danoti

    i really love the game, i like the concept how we goin into war with alot of player pvp. nowdays only cabal online did that ( i mean that only the game i know ) and now this video.

  40. FearYuzu


  41. Wasson_G

    I like gundam, especially the old stuff. But this just looks cheap. damn cheap.

  42. Bedwyr

    who wants live forever?

  43. Brandon Jasengnou

    now that's what i call a MULTIPLAYER GAME :D

  44. pistamolo pistamolo

    how did you installed it? are you from japan? because when i start playing i see all textures black. do you know how to fix it?

  45. Forest Taylor

    Dang dude, why is it the asians have all these awesome games and USA/EU gets utter junk? We should make our own cool stuff and exclude them from it…

  46. Tucker O'Donnell

    Bandai, help a brother outaku out here and give us a us sever

  47. Reuizi

    Its like a war!! awesome!, 52 vs 52!! , not some junk AI in gundam mosou which we can predict their movement XD and easily beated

    for those who comment on graphic, who care, it the smooth game play that matter most,
    just go play that fully (godly) customise  skyriXX what so ever to have graphic

  48. AznablZ

    Just got the game myself however, I cant seem to log in, i bought the physical copy and not sure what i did wrong

  49. Christopher John Elancheziyan

    i wish the site atleast be english or show a tutorial on how to register for the games, i don't mind if the games is in chinese/japanese or korean, just get us pass the registration phase. 

  50. Wandering Harlow

    I can't believe SD Gundam Online shut down worldwide :c

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