Mobile Suit Gundam Online 52vs52 PvP GM Sniper 30 Killing Streak 1080p HD

Testing out my new mouse in action! Couldn’t find my sniping rhythm at the start, but once I did we pushed them out of the way point!
This game requires VPN to play, sniping with lag is tricky.

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  1. Desu VR

    This is like playing a game and watching an anime at the same time.

  2. GBO2 gameplays

    daaaaaamn.. dat sniping skills! xD

  3. Overseas Muscular Guy Saiaka

    This seems like a fun game. I wish it was here in US :(

  4. Ethan Delapenha

    Hey Steparu, if you want to sign up for games in KR like Dungeon Striker or Kritika, do u need to use a kssn code?

  5. Afrobrawler

    Yes, every Korean games needs it

  6. CommanderFlynn

    I'd hate to run into you in a dark alley…
    or a dark city street…
    or hell just anywhere.

    May I have mad sniping skillz pl0x? :)

  7. darkchaos11

    So true.

  8. kenbong8

    haha you must be like, GET OUT OF MY WAY I AM SNIPING!!!

  9. OMGBasedGod

    Jesus, have mercy!

  10. FearYuzu

    Very Awesome…
    I have not experienced the FPS,
    I can't aim so this amazing play…

  11. kleinschuitje

    this gameplay reminds of exteel,

  12. Bedwyr

    *Cross Fingers*

  13. Droverious

    Is this city still the only map in the rotation?

  14. Ethan Delapenha

    Is there a way to get a kssn code?

  15. Ethan Delapenha

    Is their a way to get a kssn code!

  16. Hao Ren

    Why do I feel like no one notice her? @[email protected]

  17. Sakana Umi

    good game never came out from japan =_=

  18. JesterRomeo

    is this GM battle..?

  19. Reyouka

    Any english guilds? Currently messing around ingame, but a lot of it is still confusing…

  20. Ben Mason

    I'd love to play this but i think i'd struggle unless im being hand held through it. Doesn't it lagg playing through a jpn vpn ?

  21. GC9000

    New mouse? What kind of mouse did you get Step? :D

  22. GC9000

    I really miss that game ;-;

  23. nicolas javier vergara ossandon

    as i do that? sorry for mi english … i from south america

  24. Kuraya LIa' Works

    pro sniper….so fast sniping


    Lockon stratos would be proud. 

  26. Sinon (Lovely Sharpshooter) [GGO]

    How to play this in NA?

  27. celestial force

    its so hard to aim with sniper

  28. Mahbu

    What. . the fuck. . is going on? There's, like, dozens of talking characters.

  29. Kere Racer

    how can you make the sniper can reload faster ?

  30. BlueComet

    This looks exactly like SDGO…only without the SD!

    Why don't we have thiiissssss? :(

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