MIR4 Gameplay Preview Closed Beta PC Version 60 FPS

A prologue gameplay preview of the upcoming MMORPG MIR4 for Mobile and PC. The game currently has its own standalone client. Trying out the beta is free for everyone, here is the Mir4 PC download link below.

Click download and then PC.
You may need a Google account to download.
Once you’re in the game, you can play as Guest or Google Play.

Screenshot of the PC Desktop Version

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Комментариев: 19
  1. Raymond Strife

    why is the UI looks so familiar…..

  2. Starman

    definitely looks like a beta lol

  3. Karl Souza

    another generic mmorpg

  4. Bojidar Martinov

    Closed beta pc but you're using bluestacks to play on a mobile? Wtf

  5. TipsyCat

    That horse is fucking stacked

  6. Black Coffin

    this game ue4 or unity?

  7. Renegade Master04

    eww mobile games again

  8. Azz-Rushman

    Is it weird to find the NPC more interesting than the protagonist? I'm somewhat tired of playing as the overpowered character.

  9. Driman Boy

    After Genshin Impact I can't even look at this cheap scam trash Games

  10. Karim Mardini

    Nice game nice graf

  11. doubletriple

    This is NOT a PC game.

  12. Nightmare

    I was like , ah a new mmo , but wait it is mobile too so … :v
    Good to see more MasterRace-Mobile games.

  13. Fonsobv

    another clone mobile mmo, the game has lost all essence, the only thing it has of legend of mir is the name

  14. Jason Silvery

    It would make more sense to actually do a PC optimized UI before PC beta instead of that silly mobile touchscreen UI we are seeing here.

  15. Martin Reese

    While it does look nice and i see active dodging aoes and stuff, i'm kinda concerned its a BDOm Clone

  16. Ami Sakamoto

    so it's a mobile game that doesnt require an emulator to play lol

  17. Mir4 Gamer

    today 19 November they announced official release date 11.25.2020

  18. I Am Neo

    mobile doesnt have 60fps?

  19. Dendii [G] Nugraha

    can play with co-op ?

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