Minstrel Saga Gameplay This Looks a Lot Like…

This is the second game that copied Tree of Savior’s unique graphic.
I’m not sure if the other one is still alive. Insert China No.1 jokes? XD
http://res.yysaga.com/yyzj/Android/yydownload/ — Android — CBT — Mobile

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Комментариев: 34
  1. SwetPotato

    Pointed it out on Chinese social media. But unfortunately no one beside few oversea Chinese know Tree of Savior.

  2. Zeaque

    This is 100% TOS :omegalul

  3. Erebus2075

    if you gotta do "cards" this is a nice way to do it. reminds me of the magic card game that did it ^^

  4. Aldra

    Lol was gonna ask is this tree of savior? then i saw its a copy xD

  5. ANIK


  6. Lalinha Bolinha


  7. Jelly

    A phone version of TOS lol


    What is the another game that copied ftos?

  9. Purin Panda

    Tree of Savoir. Oh China why?

  10. dougfax

    China ripping off another game, how common…

  11. Juan Diaz

    What kind of tree of saviors is that 😂😂

  12. Kirill Ryzhov

    The music at 4:30 sounds dangerously close to Harry Potter.

  13. honeysana

    i mean its a chinese company what would u expect lmao like they will take a whole brand and slap a different name on it and ask you why you’re stealing from them

  14. aurelien

    I'm ok with the similar graphics of TOS/FF Tactics. More games need this type of graphics

  15. Hakuna Matata

    Nostale!? Tree of Savior's!? Ragnarok!? 🤔 Whatever, looks awesome!! 😆👍

  16. julian12465

    Next thing ya know, people who see this game first will think Tree of Savior had a '"Made in China" stamp.

  17. 阿拉花瓜

    korea Plagiarism china

  18. Yne Cö

    The sad thing is that they won the lawsuit filed against them from IMCGames because TOS was such a buggy unplayable mess of steaming pile, they were able to go for the unfinalized product angle.

  19. Angel 0

    OMG tree of savior clone XD

  20. phaezy

    They took way too long to actually release ToS mobile that people already cloned it to hell.

  21. Marcos Barbosa

    4:22 Harry Potter song

  22. lilblkrose

    Ok, at least the head is 3D and not 2D so they don't do chicken head animations…

  23. ShadoWolf

    hmm This something feels familiar here… I wonder what…

  24. soni taka

    I like is game and song please link song

  25. Ricardo


  26. Yuki Sakura

    holy stree of savior lol

  27. XON

    TOS mobile version = win win

  28. alejandro sifontes

    Tree of saviors mobile :v

  29. A L I E N S

    In case you guys missed it, F china.

  30. Ferrick

    lol the character sprites are pretty much tree of deadvior lol, the only thing that'd make this a 100% copy is if the ladies had gigantic boobs in the cutscenes

  31. spirit Harmony

    Ok this is copycat but its chinese copies always make better than the original one, I've got nothing to say now.

  32. Nysun

    have english subs?

  33. Freikugel

    oof this is awkward

  34. ai i

    Is this a copycat game or did the developers of Tree of Savior split up / move on to work on this? It looks really good. But tbh if the graphics are gonna look like that, it should just be mobile. Oh wait, it is mobile nvm XD

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