Masquerade Flyff Remake Newbie Town Tour

Facebook friends wants a mini preview so here it is!

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  1. Devilrose

    Whats the point of remaking it if the first is already in 3D? As of they will improve the graphics but this remake still looks like donkey poo.

  2. MintyHusky

    the music from 0:04 to 0:11 is from Rose online :)

  3. Stefan Tamas

    What program you use for rec?

  4. Joe Mladic

    Omg it look really good for a anime inspired mmo. Flyff Korean version was no where near as popular as it was in North America and Europe. I will try it for funnies. :) oh you know what anime mmo should get remake ROSE Online that would be a dream come true. :D

  5. Jeff R.

    omfg I loved this <3
    But it looks the same :S

  6. NovumZero

    looks like they just cell shaded it and cleaned up interface.. Fail remake. more like new version and graphics mod.

  7. FancyKerbloops

    It looks a little nicer…? Maybe?

  8. ill Will

    I wasted my life on this game

  9. Slepy

    me like this

  10. Joey Knight

    same, I'll see you there.

  11. Metafron

    I only played flyff for about a week — but the one thing i Did enjoy about it was the music.

  12. Katiesaurus

    Yeah, but they are fixing some bugs from first FlyFF and I heard there won't be a third job (seraph, crackshooter, etc) not sure about that though. But also the graphics are a little different. More like Fiesta Online. But well, in the end, let's hope it will be less buggy and the classes more balanced.

  13. Katiesaurus

    Will you make a video showing all the buffs and skills of the classes? o: Maybe in a pvp video? Would be nice to know if they balanced the classes out in this version.

  14. CaligoMilites

    They changed some Textures… rest is the same crap—

  15. Pat Pat

    THIS DESERVES A THUMBS UP! very nostalgic, please make this available for the public. and in english please. hahaah. hope that this is not too much to ask.

  16. CaligoMilites

    Are there Quests now? What i always hated on Flyff was that there were no quest.

  17. ThatVibrato

    Omg they changed effects for historic weapons and everything and made everything worse. My 4bil yoyo is now like worth nothing.

  18. Hao Ren

    Fraps gives very big filesize output, could be @#$%^&* insane and also consumed more resource during rec which could affect your fps and require edit to reduce the file. I'd suggest using Bandicam for way smaller output. Unless you have @#$%^&*() awesome rig.
    Practically, Bandicam (or other recorders) > Fraps any day.
    Only go for Craps if you are aiming for Best Quality. That's all there's to it.

  19. SlimFX

    Why the frick do they make 2 Flyffs which f++king look the same!?

  20. Mart Ummels

    there is NO difference

  21. MajorZero

    Flyff Project M is base on this Engine

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