Masquerade Flyff Remake Newbie Gameplay

Lots of request for this game so here it is.

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  1. Devilrose

    2013 and we are still getting this kind of shitty mmos?

  2. Devilrose

    Graphics looked really bad for a 2013 game.. They could had improved the cell shading and the textures.


    2013? i've played this game for 3 years in the 2005


    pff.. 2013 will be a year to forget in mmo world..

  5. Herlin Guerrero

    uhm as a player of 5 years in my opinion before looks are better.. i guess i'm not used to change at first sight but yea i'm not even sure about the whole remake its just a bit of better "graphics"

  6. David Skyler

    It looks alot better, but plays exactly the same… But idk, if it comes out over here id check it out though.

  7. KAI3Kuroseiga

    Music has been like that since the dawn of time, elevator music and 80's dance music lol

  8. Clockworks

    Hmmm, it doesnt feel like the camera angle is better than the old version.
    Graphics dont look better either, maybe im just imagining things cause i played the old one along time ago and it was very fun back then.

    Any eu release dates?

  9. Minorin

    Damn dat nostalgia. I remember pre-v7 where skills were leveled based on use and nice assists would go around the newbie areas buffing people who asked for them.

  10. Dr. Naz

    Wow i spent so much time playing this game… It looks exactly the same. I was one of the very few elementors on Mushpoie… Back when psykeepers were op and such.

  11. DarKF0xx

    Why did you reminded me after golden how much was i disappointed ?? =[

  12. Joey Knight

    Amen! However, graphics do make it pretty :), but i like the classic feel.

  13. Bushinji

    obviously you didn't. I'm currently 2 levels away from level cap and I've never grinded a single minute. The game gives you quests which level you up really fast and are quickly done also.
    You should be careful when assuming that other people didn't do a certain thing but you yourself did not in the first place.

  14. Ibrahim Wazzi

    My respect to you… I feel the same way towards lineage… even tho it is lost now

  15. zahjiuy

    Watching this makes me smile

  16. Dianna Tagaban

    Ragnarok is where it's at~ I can't get into ROII for some reason though… But yeah, I agree, graphics isn't everything :3

  17. Hikekura Last Warsmith

    …looks awful for me =/

  18. nerunastus

    OK… Where is the Sun? Where is the Light??

  19. Katiesaurus

    Old FlyFF might look better than this but is more buggy. In this newer version they try to fix the bugs from the first one.

  20. Nauya

    I've got one hell of a nostalgia boner right now. I found out about Flyff through another old game called Graal or something, I made friends there and we started playing Flyff, I went assist and buffed everyone while they fought. Good times.

  21. paku

    that be what u heard not what you saw :D

  22. Ernst Beliard

    For some reason this reminds me of domo

  23. Ernst Beliard

    Most of these old games need to shut down and be remade

  24. Deaw Smith

    Any new game play improvement other than graphic? O.o

  25. PetroliGD

    This is even better: flyff.fantasy-network(.)com

  26. HatsuneMikuGamingTV

    How is the game population like? Big or small?

  27. HatsuneMikuGamingTV

    Would be pointless to play it then. This game isnt going to last long i think

  28. Jasper Bajan

    Sir can you give me the link or website were i can download this.. tnx ;)

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