MapleStory2 Global Upcoming CBT2 on July 18th

Hey hey, what’s shaking!? CBT2 is coming real soon~! See you there!
CBT2 will start on July 18th and will run throughout the month~! XD — PC MMORPG — Cute & Casual — CBT

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  1. Me-owy

    Oh so you meed beta keys i hope i get a beta key i really love maplestory

  2. Pocky Styx

    I wonder when the extra classes will be available.

    I'm hoping its not TOO far past the launch date, since I really want to play the Rune Blader.

  3. Rolling Cloud

    i thought summer would be the best time to release a game, looks like they missed it.

  4. Huỳnh Quốc Bảo

    Oh wow, close beta one time at the end of May, then do soft launch on 5 country at early June but still advertising as global
    Now they do another beta test again on July 18
    Further push back global release
    Nice way to kill the hype

  5. Fabian Tjandra

    Is there sea server?

  6. BP_Jennie

    What's the total size again?

  7. Erika

    omg i cant wait to 18 july to play this game it looks fun and cute :D

  8. Nimero ••••


  9. blueguisee

    i need dis

  10. Kima Xeo

    they need to send me the beta key
    i am the pro player

  11. Minitte

    engish voices are pretty good

  12. SublimeTheSubliminalOne

    OMG I see my character Sublime doing the Hump dance at 4:08. Naisu Im in a video Hai Mom.

  13. Redorae

    I can't wait for this game.

  14. Samuel Hippolyte

    i want to play this even more now cant wait for 18th July Def going to be supporting this game

  15. AngryJones

    Trying to understand this minigame

  16. Death DKat

    will be buying the 100$ founders to support the game and get the beta key!!!!!!

  17. Eugene

    I got in the first beta so they gave me access automatically to the second😂👌

  18. paku

    my region got region block tho

  19. nova

    How Did u get your dyed hair

  20. Narathir *෴*

    todo mundo se divertindo no maplestory realizando seus sonhos.. e eu aki na merda :(

  21. Mozart Di Auditore

    Bruh this is some nice shit right here hahahaha But how did one person become winner?

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