MapleStory2 Global CBT — Raid Boss Battle 10p — Med Kit Heal Slave

Raiding with random friends and buddies that I met in the game!
Randomly fell off the cliff, thought it was funny so I upload this one. — PC MMORPG — Cute & Casual — CBT

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Комментариев: 37
  1. Mateus Santos

    Looks pretty hardcore.

  2. Yang Shane

    Lmao… that healing box head xD xD

  3. Dream Is Fun

    i cant wait to get invited q.q

  4. Tory

    im a 2.6k gear score thief xd

  5. love wada

    pvp please, i wanna see the pvp 😅

  6. dblaine007

    this worth playing ?

  7. oğuzhan çolak

    Why English Voice!!!

  8. uoi100

    Genius headgear I need to make one for myself when I make a priest xD.

  9. BerixPlay

    off this voice and be okay all time this same words

  10. Drakera

    I boss raided with Steparu in the Korean Beta/Official launch, tho i missed MS2 global no email updates when i signed up for it Q_Q

  11. SK-07

    English voices are terrible.

  12. (less)

    Smartest headgear ever. I do wish that if you get knocked off it’d be a permadeath though. Would add so much difficulty 😭😭
    This game is cute and has good gameplay. I’m so in there.

  13. Sena Meushi

    How did you not mute character voices? Hearing the same voice lines over and over again is so grating to me.

  14. Nagi Stratos

    UGH the english dubbing is so shit

  15. Zusako

    Did u followed lirik in yesterday's stream lol :D?

  16. moosecat00

    Best Holy Symbol usage out of 10

  17. tchokez

    ms2 sucks unfortunately. I was rly hyped for the game but the combat skill tree is awful and the dungeons have 0 mechanics. Most classes only use like 4 from wich 1 or 2 are perma spam. Best part about maplestory is chillin in city while listening to people playing custom songs…

  18. exceLL

    Compared to your 2015(?) review. have any of your thoughts changed so far?

  19. Ghost1170

    So…. Maplestory 2 is basically that one robot game that was on steam? Spiral Knights I think it was?

  20. Baxi

    After i looked around youtube and searched for ms2 content. ive really saw thre isnt any content for ms2 like end game or progression series. its really sad since im totally going to play ms2 instead of 1

  21. xBluegamerx

    I hope there's less carrying in this game as opposed to maplestory.

  22. Trevor Nguyen


  23. bioburn

    Currently waiting to see my character get deleted, one hour til beta ends. Nice meeting you last night =D

  24. martin reese

    @Steparu no more posting to your website?

  25. Ngieng Shih Chen

    Fuck so u were the real steparu. Bluclue here ¬

  26. ShikasiXMS

    While everyone gets into the holes to dodge the laser, Rete dodges it by falling off the map lol

  27. Poi Poi

    On second thought. The eng dub is not that bad. Gotta say its decent.

  28. Peter Nguyen

    So thoughts on the game? You think I should just start this on the KR servers or just wait for the official release in the states? I live in the Pacific

  29. piggy

    i can just close my eyes and keep pressing the bottons

  30. Son Tran

    Is the template available for download?

  31. Son Fable

    I'll be the very best heal slave eva

  32. Panda Frost

    That medic box hat is pretty clever. As a Priest myself, I will probably try this lol

  33. Ahmad Naim

    which class does the best dps ?? and in between assassin and thief, which one does more dps ??

  34. Nguyễn Đăng Khoa

    the voice doesn't fit the game at all lmao. Also, that head thing is player customized?

  35. C Z

    the voice acting for using skills is too frequent…its stuck in my head XD

  36. LuniePlays

    That healing box hat is a really good idea. Also, is there any way to turn off the combat voiceover?

  37. Anastasia D

    I'm sure it's a great game, I just can't get over the graphics

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