Maplestory2 Global CBT — Music Jam Ensemble Sessions

One of the things I enjoyed during the CBT was playing music~!
I met a bunch of fun ppl. Hoping to get an Orchestra going in OBT! — PC MMORPG — Cute & Casual — CBT

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  1. Iren Zedrick Turqueza

    Srry I’m don’t have any knowledge about maplestory but is the game free?…..

  2. Payback

    So you could play any music you want as long as you know the rhythm for it?

  3. Tommy Tang

    Did you create these music sheets or was there a website that already had them? If so, could we see the link? :)

  4. lawlerzwtf

    Any news on when the CBT2/OBT/Release will be?

  5. Aethelfeld

    OMG Undertale ~~~ ♡ ♡ ♡

  6. I am not Zura

    Undertale, FMA op, Vocaloid


    the first characters such as female characters from nier Automata or just my feelings only ^.^?

  8. Kirara Yukihara

    Steep-chan what requipment for play this game Please tell me

  9. Acedus

    This 2B outfit will look sick as a Runeblader

  10. Azahrio

    Did you cosplay your character as Kanna from Maid Dragon ? xD

  11. Mimikku_ 290

    That was really cool! But now I wonder, Gaming News and Previews ,
    can you explain us how the band group works? Also, how the playing an instrument works in game? Thanks!

  12. Tory

    Hopes and dreams to you too Steparu <3
    See you at launch.
    If you got a guild you'll be playing with and got room Please Invite me and my fiance.
    Thank you have a nice day ^_ ^

  13. dougfax

    The beginning filled me with determination

  14. z0ro_

    I want so badly

  15. RageGoria

    Ermahgerd undertale

  16. Narnia Smerf

    lol i didn't expect to see my avatar in the video. Kinda makes me feel good for watching :3

  17. Petalmagic

    Oh phew…wasn't recording at Pose's house >3<

  18. Emily Hartmann

    Import gate aim lost test huge bacteria plant efficiency report.

  19. EJHC

    lol they even got the loli kanna outfit

  20. Cliffedxd

    God dammit I so want to play this game but SEA isn't available :((

  21. Nick Valentine

    omg this maplestory 2 really have more freedom o.o

  22. AngryJones

    What is the benefit of playing music Stepu? Do you get stats or items from this? And that Kanna outfit sooo kawaii.

  23. Atarix

    Well..Didn't expected that I was playing the song with the real Steparu..It was a fun, last memories for CBT. Thank you for joining.

  24. Maickel Vieira

    I realy love seeing your videos step-senpai, i know that i am comenting in a old video, but, i love your work so much, i realy love and i am inspired by your dedication on your site and chanel, realy love you, your work realy helped me in realy bad times, amd hope one day retrubuti it to you, until that day i will be on your care, love you step-senpai

  25. tirken eowin

    no drums?! i have a set of drums in the game (maplestory 2) called "Maple Classic Timpani" i was really hoping this video would have contained a full ensemble including the drums.

  26. xdia19_xdiamondgirl19

    What is CMS2? C something MapleStory 2?

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