MapleStory2 Global CBT Buddy & Event Emotes

Kidnapped the cutest CM around. Time for some friend emotes~!
Also, a short preview of all the emotes I unlocked during the test. — PC MMORPG — Cute & Casual — CBT

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Комментариев: 30
  1. honeysana

    there were so many problems with this cbt like everyone kept getting that same korean error i got (e1006201 i think) and they didnt fix it. i wasnt even able to create a character. i wish i couldve played this

  2. Alexander Schunk

    Is there a Kobayashi cross over? or can you just look exactly like kanna? ^^

  3. I Nano I

    took me a while to notice due to the cute emotes, but I finally noticed the Kanna glam :D

  4. Mochi-kun

    Didn't the cbt end?

  5. DKZZ2

    why there is no headtracking for actors?

  6. Gradient Pumpkin

    I played a priest witch is rare for me, really enjoyed it :D especially the mini-games

  7. Bs Kata

    What a interesting game😆😆😆😆😆☺

  8. Toxys

    how did you get all those?

  9. woo choi

    omg! its the GM! i was talking with him about eating korean food (jajangmyun) and other stuff <3

  10. Simon Sichelarm


  11. Sophie b2

    So cute.

  12. Mimikku_ 290

    hahaha those were the coolest emotes I ever seen in a videogame! Im glad that this game has some originality.

  13. Merchuyley k

    Every time I look at a maplestory 2 video i get reminded of just how cute this game is

  14. London

    The music takes me way back lmao. Very nostalgic

  15. Arkey

    I'm gunna need to play but knowing me i'll get obsessed with music making which i already did enough in archeage.


    I do not know but it looks like Kanna>.<?

  17. cupcakepower

    My heart is melted

  18. Poi Poi

    That buddy emote is so cute! But i miss the kr voice…

  19. Tory

    2 people emotes are always cool, its like TF2. If more games had stuff like that it would be cool.
    Games that put in the duo participation things are fun.

    League of legends has one as well where if you recall with xayah/rakan you recalll together just gotta B next to eachother

    I got a bunch of dances and dreamy emote.

  20. Pwachiche

    Those voice rly dont fit characters ahah ! Gr8 vid mate!

  21. love wada

    bro pvp please :(

  22. gorrilaboy22

    Can I pls have link for kanna cosplay?

  23. Chocolaids

    Ahh I missed step in the beta ;/

  24. WildRiza CWolfy

    Stepuuuu it was nice seeing and hanging with you in game!! Will you continue to play on this server?

  25. sodah

    the va doe…

  26. AngryJones

    Soooo kawaiiii

  27. BellyButton

    If I don't get to meet you in game on release and or obt ima be mad asf 😑 even if it's just a hi 😂

  28. SymphobiaMuzika

    I could not figure out how to open the emote collection window, how did you access it? I spent too much time gearing up

  29. Aira

    Shit that's too cute for me
    Definitely getting this when it comes out lol

  30. Carlos Tolentino


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