MapleStory2 CBT1 Lvl50 Hidden Darkness Dungeon 2x Runs

Take a break from my Lost Ark spree and enjoy a cute MS2 video.
I was trying to farm the Devil Wings in the previous CBT, no luck T_T. — PC MMORPG — Cute & Casual — CBT

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Комментариев: 17
  1. Doge 420

    Are Black stumps still spawn at the entrance of Perion?

  2. kawingshek

    Quite a lot of MapleStory 2 videos recently. You seem to be into the global version. :)
    Wish they could reduce the voice upon skill usage for priest.

  3. Sae Vg

    is it open beta'd yet?

  4. TempRawr

    The best mount ever, we know steparu character approved

  5. z0ro_

    Let power fill your soul O.O

  6. Choh Sena

    1 minute in and I've heard "The light embraces," about 10 times. They should probably add more voice lines for skills.

  7. Guroga Marduk

    No amount of spirit will be enough to withstand the repetition of ''Let power fill your soul''

  8. V Kira

    I'm excited for bless online but if they made me choose which game to play i'd 100% pick maplestory 2 idk why the game looks appealing!

  9. Saber Plate

    I hope an option to reduce/remove the voicelines gets added

  10. Saber Plate

    How's the difficulty on this game? Is it easy or is there any challenge?

  11. 清水凪

    Do we have options for​ the character voices?

  12. Kevin

    is the game fun ? it doesn't look as fun as i hoped it would… i'm scared to try it when i get the chance

  13. Zakeem Mccaleb

    Soooo much potential

  14. 배추김치

    영어보이스 실화냐.. english voice.. weird

  15. Rogue

    I got the horns on my assassin no wings tho

  16. Ron kevin

    Better than lost arc

  17. Klannahar

    Nice job. :D
    Finally a game, where healers have place…
    BTW what is your skill build? Looks like pretty efficient.

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