MapleStory 2 Global Version Debut Trailer

MS2 Global Version Announced! Sign up for the Closed Beta!
The long wait is almost over! The English version is coming. — PC MMORPG — Cute & Casual

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Комментариев: 37
  1. Steparu
  2. Sly

    took fuckin long enough

  3. Nguyen Trung Hoai

    Classic nexon global release: your region is not supported. Maple private forever.

  4. Juan Velazquez

    The song talks about summer …maybe it might come out this summer

  5. Whats it Play?

    took them way to long to launch this

  6. Tsuyoi Ouji

    >Published by Nexon NA

    (actually crying inside)

  7. Luis XD

    latinoamerica disponible?

  8. zatou kung

    lol not available in my country good jop NEXON !!!?

  9. Soracj

    lol 3 years down the line
    or was it 4?

  10. Peli on Pelattu

    the people who KNEW about this game are disappointed how long it took to bring it global, but… if nexon does some serious advertising that would be shown in every possible country that is included within the regions, i'm sure even people who are not mmorpgers would take interest in the game. then we need a succesful launch, strong servers and everything would go smoothly from there. fail just one step and you don't need to expect too much… so i hope everything will go properly. their budget should be enough… unless "the big boss" got himself a few sports cars. wich would not be a surprise given nexon's history. sigh.

  11. River

    Just watched the trailer and they didn’t do it very well lol. It’s more lively than this ngl…

  12. 환켤

    해외에서 욕처먹고 망하지나마라 한국상대로 그렇게했으면 해외에서라도 잘하라고좀

  13. Guilherme Ferreira Aragão

    Buddy Poke Online

  14. YBPaladin

    Is it possible for a game to look dated before it even drops???

  15. Joyce Chu


  16. Quasar

    Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Gieal cmso

    Global except for SEA

  18. QPixie

    Will it be available for mac too?

  19. Soracj

    I hope pvp gets more attention in this version

  20. DiverseStyle

    Too bad we already got Soul Worker and Closers so I’m over this .

  21. 슬픔의쿠키

    국내부터 잘하고 낼것이지 뭔…

  22. Emir Aziz

    Can we still register as closed beta tester if our country not listed in it?

  23. Siuol_ly

    What's the difference between a closed beta and an open beta?

  24. Siuol_ly

    If this game becomes famous,I have a feeling maplestory 1 will get attention

  25. 뉴타


  26. Naughty adventures of mcBrouhaha in a vacuum

    I honestly thought this was a pokemon movie song

  27. Yohhh Channel

    why it is called global ver. when asian countries are regional blocked?

  28. User4PC InSittingroom

    when open beta


    As usual India is banned cause of them trash Chinese gold bots using Indian ip :( .

    Hyper universe wasn't omitted but who played that shit?

  30. Jkapricorn

    Looks like garbage

  31. Ardo Lexiano

    Hoe can indonesian play this game?

  32. Lazylqw

    Lol beta, gonna be a long wait for release then😑

  33. Raken Navarro

    This game on South Korea and China was a completely failure… let's see how the things goes with the international version.
    MS2 is a dating game, it only has a little of MMO, nothing similar to the original MS other than the name.

  34. Hillmor

    Think I'm too old for this..

  35. ZeusJuicy

    Let's all hope the wait was worth it.

  36. Raphael Merino

    So people don't get why MS2 failed at South Korea. Well, turns out that they cannot play together, only solo. MS2 forced players to play together and learn.
    The sad reality, is that the game, failed not because it was good or bad( it's kinda good actually) or because people could not relate to the original Maple Story, but because the public, was mostly composed of people who could only Grind and play alone.
    And, guess what? That's is a motive for why any normal MMORPG, usually fail at South Korea.

  37. Suhaboo Mohammed

    F U Nexon please do not ruin this game

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