MapleStory 2 Global — CBT Character Customization

GMS2 CBT has begun! Come poke me in NA server SteparuTV.
There are actually more hairstyles in the beauty shop later XD. — PC MMORPG — Cute & Casual — CBT

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  1. Diogo Hipólito


  2. Green Bandit

    i didnt get my beta invite despite signing up the day of road trip and being shy of the 10k people who finished it. yet people got their invites weeks after just signing up. autistic screeching

    im never lucky when it comes to beta invites.

  3. Naizuo

    Are you kidding me!?!? 6 accounts yet didnt get in the cbt… im so sad

  4. Mercenary128

    Can we choose the voice language? For obvious reasons.

  5. Unlimax

    whoever that troll who always target your nickname .. i will find you , and i'm gonna get you :3

  6. 阿隆RYU

    Playable on Asia, do have any ip block ?

  7. JJ

    didnt plan to play on cbt, but signed up, got it :3 now i feel like palying it

  8. Doge 420

    I wish they still spawn Black Stump outside Perion gate just like old day.

    Getting in and out of that city on low level never been more fun.

  9. Yarrmor

    I made a priest, and she sounds like she has an orgasm everytime you attack…. kinda awkward…

  10. ok listen

    I'm in, i'm so happy! The game didn't break my expectation. A solid 10/10!

  11. Nathaniel Owusu


  12. Hung Le

    Nice clips. But Ste, pls make me clear. i thought this game is quite a lone time ago or i missed some info. tksss

  13. woo choi


  14. Loneliness4ever

    does this maplestory also give weapon/armor enhancement like +1+2+3….?

  15. Seungsation

    A very conflicted boner

  16. morph

    ahh we back to ms2 starting again :)

  17. wan wan

    yet again its says global but no sea server xD

  18. julian12465

    Too little too late, NEXON. You had hype years upon years ago in the west, and now most have either given up or use the non-NA client. This is what you get when you sit on your asses instead of acknowledging a sizable following.

  19. The Littlest Giant

    If you’re going to go through the trouble of uploading a character creation video, at least take the time to make it good. You went WAY too fast over certain faces and hairstyles, and didn’t even give us a good chance to look at them. Some low quality shit you’ve created here.

  20. -candy-cats- مياو

    waiting on my cbt2 invitation >__< i hope i get one this time . i don't want to say i am hyped for the game release so i don't jinx it like what happened with bless online , but i am so HYPED !

  21. King KrokoFox

    I'm making custom skins if anyone is interested in seeing what I've already made or getting one for themselves! Thank you.

  22. McBean 56545

    Where can I get a key for it? I thought it was free to play.

  23. Choul-joung Park

    위자드 추천드립니다. 초창기에는 버서커ㅡ위자드ㅡ시프ㅡ어쌔신 이외는 딜이 않나옵니다

  24. Victoria Castillo Martínez

    :1 i want the boys hairs in the female selection.

  25. Sarah Hlt

    do i hear Maki Harukawa at assasin well it fits

  26. DOoggo -

    as someone who played maplestory back then, this looks…cool? I guess I could play and see how it fairs to the first game

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