Magic Legends Open Beta Ultra Settings Gameplay Party and Solo

Open Beta starts today! Testing the new Magic Legends MMORPG~! Here is an HD gameplay video showing Party Gameplay, Open-World, Field Skirmish Quests, Mythic Encounters, and more! If you have any questions about the game, I’ll try to answer em!

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00:00 Intro
00:04 Party Gameplay
06:13 Skirmish Gameplay (World Event Quests)
08:36 Mythic Encounter Events (Named Mini Bosses)
10:44 Field Gameplay and Event Skirmish
13:00 Misc Menu Stuff

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Комментариев: 20
  1. Jacku

    Damn i used to watch your stuff back in 2012 when i was 12…

  2. qweqw

    this game is LAGGING SHIT!!!!!

  3. War Machine Mk-X

    At least, this is not mobile.

  4. No Way

    it is very pretty, but the difficulty seems very low

  5. Synyster 999

    It's a pc or mobile game

  6. Wacho

    I reduced my window to practically 200×200 pixels to play and I was still laggy and could barely distinguish the XDD game

    I envy your pc a lot: P

  7. Paca Paw

    This game kills your gpu. Dont play it.

  8. Ace Lucis Caelum


  9. Fuego Style

    esta mal optimizado muy mal…

  10. Rivi

    Lol what settings! This oh so obvious shallow cash grab that has been built for moving to mobile has pretty much no settings and absolutely nothing in the graphic / fidelity department to even bother with settings anyway.

  11. Cathrynne Sheena

    Western game developers have really lost their credibility in making quality games…

  12. XorEAX MrGamer

    this game is as is as is as a shit

  13. Noah Baker

    Another isometric Diablo clone for a franchise that would benefit more from a WoW style based MMO smh….

  14. Zen

    uninstalled after playing 20 min… man fps drop is crazy, unplayable for me.

  15. Neightlev

    Whoa! Haven't seen a steparu video on forever!

  16. Matt Genaro

    I'm really sorry for you to have to play this game, lol.

  17. Wil Vargas

    n the otimization ??? horrible !!! pay to win too !!!

  18. esparda07

    Cash-grab game.

  19. Will Hall

    Easy mode?

  20. The Truth

    I’ve literally witnessed the easiest top down ever. Wtf? Hey DEVS!! THIS SHIT IS TOO EASY!!

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