Mafia Revenge Real-time PvP Gameplay English Mobile

The game just soft-launched, I ended up playing it a lot last night.
PvP is fun since it’s real-time battles XD. Slow progress if F2P’ish.

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Комментариев: 21
  1. Ligoya

    This looks fun, gonna try it tonight.
    Steparu-senpai, have you cover a game called "Black Survival"? The character look cool in there.

  2. Tien cupquake

    not available in my country (america) unfortunate

  3. MacAndCum

    This is actually a fun game. get it on apkpure . c o m

  4. Jeremy john Hall

    awesome game

  5. Dreepatz

    Steparu u sure that apk pure installer app is safe to use? just asking…

  6. Namida

    paying character will get a tank

  7. EliteVenomz

    Looks fun and different, nice :D

  8. lady milady

    this is weird………….. i tried searching it and got nothing.

    on apk, taptap, or google play…. D: but weirdly i SOMEHOW got it on bluestacks (i cant get it to work on blue stacks lol ) :"D im honestly sad D": Step-sissy gg

  9. Evellyn Blacksilk

    Heya Steparu, do you have a guide on how you have your BS bindings set up to play this the way you are?

  10. KristerK

    I only get rekt in this game so far…

  11. Beats By Bm Xu

    I am addicted to this game now

  12. fatjoe460

    Have any weapon upgrade tips Step? So far digging the machine gun and shotgun combo. Debating whether its worth upgrading weapons early on.

  13. gibb

    smell like another p2w game >:3

  14. cj may

    so weird reminds me of 187 Ride Or Die on the ps2 ,it being real time seems cool

  15. Jackson Joestar

    I want this game in US

  16. Vincent Lacaba

    i want to play this game. but its just stuck in verifying resources!! can anyone help me??

  17. Gints

    Boob physics are really advanced

  18. Cough 2

    This game looks and is a piece of shit.

  19. Dark2Zone

    @steparu the game looks fun
    what emulator are u using ??

  20. PEACEKEEPER squad20

    Kinda funny for me you kill enemy player that reminds me for uncharted..killing the driver then Explode!!

  21. Nicole cobra kai

    You hacker lol

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