Mabinogi Fantasy Life Mobile Debut Gameplay Trailer

A real Mabinogi Mobile version is finally coming XD!
I played this game with all my heart over a decade ago. More Information

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  1. morb

    oh man, the bangor seal stone though

  2. Lloydfebiaan

    bruh…the mobile version looks way better than the pc version (when it comes to graphics) IMO

  3. David Baldwin

    no way no way no way

  4. Martin Marinov

    I really hope this doesn't stay only in Asia, this has been exactly the type of game I want to play on my phone. I'm not joking when I say that I might actually start learning Korean just to play this game when it's out!

  5. Orkid. music

    I want this now

  6. Yung ming


  7. leonardo Chin

    since some already quit for pc, still they can still hunt u to mobile. prepare to buy lot of lot of gacha u guys hahaha

  8. Carolyn Jacob

    Is there only 1 attack?

  9. Sean Winkfield

    When does it release in America and can you use gamevice pad

  10. 羽張羽

    I'm crying…….

  11. Reshawn Smith

    I used to fucking love this game when I was younger but my laptop broke so I wasn’t able to play for a while. During that time I took up other hobbies to fill the void and when I came back all my friends were gone and it was really difficult to get into.

    With that being said, Nexon please fuck my shit up once more.

  12. camron reynosa

    I loved mabinogi on pc!

  13. Buse-IRA

    My high school life T-T Oh the memories

  14. Rirei Hiyake


  15. Solplayer98

    y make a mobile? y not fix up the pc version first ?

  16. 阿誠

    please make it right this time, not those crap updates since C4.

  17. Dwhm B

    Tir Chonaill, I've missed you. Can't wait to see what Dunbarton looks like in the mobile version. Well, if not them their mobile counterpart towns.

  18. Cam of the Chinoike.

    Its April.Is this out yet?

  19. Pillral Garden

    I love anime 3D MMO games!

  20. Pillral Garden

    I love that it's on mobile! It's hard to download stuff on PC!

  21. Dwigg

    Still waiting for this :<

  22. Envelope piano一嵐窯一

    Nexon please!!!!please!!!!!!!!please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Stefanny Rodriguez

    Guys when does this come out!? 😍

  24. Levio100

    I think Mabinogi deserves a VR MMO.
    Hang out with people, play instruments, fight some monsters, run some errands, and there's no race to max-level.

  25. J S


  26. top text

    Damn, can we have those graphics for PC?

  27. 문한량

    그래서 언제 나오나요? 기다리가 목이 빠져버려서 머리가 굴러다니는데

  28. Cas jade

    Um is this out yet

  29. Krāckle

    Is this game's english version going to be released? It's Dec. 2018 now and I can't find any reliable source for information (until I came here)..

  30. Cathedral

    see if you could update game and make the combat just a 3rd as fluid as this then mabi would live for another 14 more years

  31. ً

    I want to play this game so bad

  32. Complete Quality Review

    Love it but I wish the graphics had more detail like the Chinese version. And the fixed camera angles makes it seems like you don't have that open feel like the pc still excited for it.

  33. Shaddykack

    I hope this does well enough that they are willing to invest in reviving mabi2 development once we badger them enough on Twitter and petitions etc, Toonami Reborn style. If it flops Mabi is dead, if it does well enough we might be able to rally the old community enough to convince them a market does exist. Though they’re going to put the most effort into mobile ventures it seems, we want them to see the mabi IP as a value creator for investors so they don’t can it altogether. If that makes sense.

  34. Mark

    This is the game I grew up with after Maplestory was ruined by Big Bang, coming home from school to play this with friends while in middle school when this game came out. Spending 2 hours in ciar dungeon to afford a ukelele and playing songs with everyone~ how the community was truly something special back then. I come back now after graduating college and the servers are mostly dead. It's very depressing seeing a game I once loved so much reduced to this. Hearing this song legit brings tears to my eyes with all the good memories being just that, memories.

  35. Arcan Grave

    When is this even coming out…

  36. Joger Gerald

    They released on mobile now but why it looks different 😥

  37. Quentin Stuart •

    If someone sends me the link to the game I might age down by a decade irl

  38. kiyui ★彡

    Please the game has to come to the America continent please cries in latinoamericano

  39. TheDkmariolink

    Please come out already, or some news of its development T.T

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