Lucia Crimson Abyss Boss Fights and Challenges

An exhibition preview of a standard S-Rank Alpha Lucia Crimson Abyss in Punishing Gray Raven. Alpha No Damage taken against some of the current end-game challenges and content. Stronghold bosses have one shot mechanics~

00:00 Lucia — Crimson Abyss (Alpha)
00:05 Solo Nightmare Rescue 1
01:23 Phantom Pain Roland (HELL)
02:02 Arctic Night C-5 Farm Stage
02:45 Hidden 8-6 Camu
03:12 Stronghold Roseblade
04:17 Current Setup and Collection
04:48 Stronghold Vassago
06:26 Solo Nightmare Rescue 2
09:05 Filler Fights

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  1. Kougahitsugi


  2. Isaac_7356

    Which emulator do you recommend me to use?

  3. Catzor

    Aggressive. Very nice.

  4. NightRider X

    This is very delicious

  5. Vishal Kapri

    Man I need aplha now seriously 😑

  6. the onfaller

    which version of the game are you playing?

  7. Locke

    Does this game hold up well against console / PC action titles?

    It looks cool.

  8. Dragenyx

    I'm liking the ost!

  9. JeanGrey

    Steparuu, im confused in between using patton or frederick set.. im still lv 45 tho.. can enlighten me plsssss :D thankyouu

  10. Jewbelno Korenaki

    basically soulworker if mobs didnt fight back

  11. light18pl

    Impressive as always. Good show!

  12. Tuna

    hey man what emulator do u use to play this game ?

  13. Chairo

    nice gameplay not for me personally though, not a fan of the high speed pacing and dodge reliance this game has but good to see your having fun with it.

  14. File Archive

    Riot Boss lvl 80 when?

  15. Ypsila Nevius

    Hmm, I actually have this game on my phone. I should definitely play it more lmao.

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