Lost Ark World Boss Spider Queen Tarsila Battle & Spawn Location

Poking the world boss with other player skills turned off. It’s a must!
Minimum 375iLvl for the Auction drops. Not sure about normal drops.
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — F2P Open Beta

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  1. FLYNN 11010

    ! ^-^..♡☆.!

  2. MrPRInce

    2nd to come! Good Day Stepy <3

  3. GermanStrands


  4. Zarozian

    You are really enjoying this game lol.

  5. Chiasa Takahashi

    I need an English version of this game, like…. last year.

  6. Vireca

    What is that type of auction? I don't understand what were you doing, you didn't receive gold

  7. JJ

    Steparu, arcana or summoner hmmmmmmmmmmm

  8. 찌아오디앤


  9. Rodney Olayinka

    what cosmetics/ gear are you using? i havent seen any other characters like yours lol

  10. ShadowDark

    28kk hp wow

  11. Quintin Miller

    This looks so damn amazing. If they don’t bring it west, I’m moving.

  12. envy.

    spam fest?

  13. Floyd Dominique

    no loli in this game? :D

  14. Alpha Omega

    What was that after the fight? Auction?

  15. Andrew Nospar

    So endgame gear prgression seems to consist of monster hunts for materials for crafting epic gear and legendary drops from world bosses. Would I be wrong on that?

  16. Hung Le

    Niceeee , Ste, let’s drop 2K next time bidding, 😤😋

  17. Tora-Ky

    With all players she still lose hp slowly lol, isnt boring after all this time??

  18. Tora-Ky

    Admin how much hours did u spent to go for late game??? In poe after 40 hours im like act5 since its early mid game

  19. r f

    i will report you thx :)

  20. Wildwolface77

    That battle looked intense. Great job, Steparu!

  21. Кима

    @Steparu after 330 ilvl should i craft any pieces from Chromium raid? or they r just waste of acrasium?

  22. Александр Михайлюк

    this boss looks like ant qeen in lineage2

  23. Gafuur Gulabki

    Game looks trash like every of those Asian MMORPG with Grinding and Bidding System.

    I hope this shit wont come to West at all, its not worth it.

    Anyone who enjoys this shit is either stupid or just born stupid.

  24. Erik VP

    No hay en inglés?

  25. bluewolf Lopez

    Click bait

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