Lost Ark Tour New Bern Castle Prancing Around

A tour of the new Bern Castle, one of the many cities of the game~!
I had to cut the tour short since my party was ready to farm or grind.
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  1. Admeen KceL

    OMG i want this game. i wish they release in SEA and US in mid 2019

  2. Renato Amorim

    Your character looks hot in that black leather suit

  3. ImSooFlye

    hey bro what site do you check to get news on the korean/chinese games, like how we have 4gamers.net and famitsu for japanese games?

  4. 검정색고양

    Thank you senpai <3

  5. Anubis

    Nice game no have english?

  6. Sasuke

    Love your videos.
    Can you make a video where you can show the card game ?

  7. Dg

    Hi step, how the crafting system work now in the final cbt? Everything drops or there is a recipe-kinda way to get equipment? Thanks!

  8. 86Corvus

    im wondering whats the purpose of a map this small…

  9. Ashura

    Is 50 the max level?

  10. Kenya Aynek


  11. Takihero Squires

    Holy shit, so pretty, I was wandering how character customisation works in lost ark?

  12. Shuyu

    Step, questing and story wise how is this game?

  13. Adrian nuñez


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