Lost Ark Soul Master & Hawkeye Class Trailers

The Final Test is almost here. Check out the two new characters~!
Both of them look pretty fun to play. Hard choice between the two…
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Комментариев: 29
  1. Minh Khuê Võ

    when will it come to Việt Nam ? Look like Blade and Soul

  2. Salty

    this fully inspiration from goku skill

  3. Phil Highfield

    This game looks amazing, but I'm done waiting.

  4. Clorox Bleach


  5. EJHC

    If they make the ultimate of soul master a ability like ultra instinct, “make every enemy slower and your attacks faster” I am maining this class when the game comes out

  6. iz420iz

    This game looks fantastic. The thing that worries me is that none of the enemies seems to be able to hit you. Almost every single ability stuns them. At least that is happening in all the gameplay videos I have seen so far.

  7. ScriptiiX ABAC

    i want this game for Eu so badly

  8. Emmanouil john Calderon

    just release the fcking game already

  9. The Middle Man

    Ok then, so hawkeye not seen from infinity war because he on set appear to this realm

  10. Dillon

    Holy shit I really hope this game comes to the west

  11. Zenn Exile

    And as long as you live within 150 miles of the server farm, you can compete in PvP…

  12. Amemon

    ouuuukei , Soul master it is then

  13. Ship For Hopeless

    hopefully it won’t end up with only an english patch fan made like PSO2..

  14. Malphas Mikaelson

    More games need to be good at skill effects like this. It's a big selling point for mke when it comes to combat in games.

  15. REED

    0:30 khaaamehhaaameehhh-haaaaaaaaa!!! Fucking epic I need to play this game!! And she sounds angry af! I will make her my main character lmao

  16. okita sougo

    all the trailers looks good but the real gameplay is wil be bad af

  17. Crolicious

    why do they have to ruin this game with gender locked classe? -.- an awesome genkidama..and then its only a female character ;(.

  18. BORBOBtv

    That gender lock kills me but damn the soul master is neaaat

  19. Meteoro Nicolaid

    I can choose the gender of my character?

  20. NoNamee

    my only hope for and mmorpg…

  21. DensFishing

    super saiyan omg

  22. Legion

    Defiantly making a soul master.

    also that Spirit Bomb at the end was amazing.

  23. qin z

    diablo 3 +torchlight 2 + enhanced graphics & Korean MMORPG elements= LOST ARK

  24. NanoRyuusei

    I had been told about a class like an astrologer, it's true ?

  25. MasterDios

    soul master is the best class xD use genkidama and kamehameha

  26. Guilherme Fernandes Vidal

    i miss the damage numbers, i guess, or not

  27. Gaby000999

    My favourite classes so far: saiyan, I mean, soul master, hawkeye and demon hunter. I think it's safe to say that starting to learn korean is more profitable than to wait for the western release xD

  28. lordre Dessfou


  29. B.

    Wow. She has spirit bomb.

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