Lost Ark Season 2 Scouter Magma Chromanium Boss

Lost Ark’s Lava or Magma Chromanium Guardian Raid boss as a Scouter. This boss is pretty easy since he is turtle slow. Scouter is pretty fun though I prefer my Summoner more. I was going to level up Demonic, but I should just wait on Reaper~

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  1. Seungsation


  2. Naldrek Gaming

    I'm really keen to play Lost Ark, but, how do you get to play in korean servers? what about the KSSN or mobile phone numbers (who also required to be confirmed by KSSN)? Great job BTW :)

  3. Vik

    6 years and the game isn't on NA yet :/

  4. eXo

    Penguin Scout ? :D

  5. Adventuro

    How many dekade

  6. João Carlos

    Chegar no ocidente nunca!

  7. Wacho

    I cant love this game because i waiting lineage eternal now "project TL" from 10 + years :c

  8. Case Died Well

    How much effort to get the JP version running from the US?
    A VPN all I'll need? No interest in the PvP (well, not yet) so 'meh' ping will be fine for Story/Leveling I assume?

  9. Sukita

    imagine doing a dungeon and see a Penguin carrying you whole group. XD

  10. Nenad Ivanovic

    Super cool

  11. Tyler qvedo

    Step, Have you tried Matus Island? That dungeon was pretty dope.

  12. FortisKev

    Another update in which I can't even play the game, Smilegate dropped the ball on this could have made a killing in 2020 in the west but I guess we have to wait till "the right time".

  13. Roan

    My hype for this game is just like my motivation in life. It's slowly dying

  14. Nightmare

    Nice video!
    I like demonic transformation a lot , not a fan of the weapons it has sadly haha
    Lance master is interesting 🤔

  15. Nightmare

    Also the penguin costume is hilarious , upload one using the female one 😂

  16. Sycogenesis

    What other projects are you wortking on? pepethink

  17. Hero Last

    When global?
    It is too difficult to create Korean Account

  18. Floyd Dominique

    Which have better dps? Gunner or archer?

  19. Bam boo

    Animation is crazy

  20. Darky Chan

    im always surprised to see a classic archer surviving the era of robot n mecha xD

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