Lost Ark Season 2 Papunika Story Part 2 of 2

The second and final part of the Season 2 Papunika story in Lost Ark. I liked the previous story better this one seems a bit fanservice mode in my opinion. Anyhow, I’m going to post more Assassin Reaper videos soon.

Lost Ark Season 2 Papunika Story Part 1 of 2

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  1. Trinitatis Sanctorvm

    Is the game coming to EU ?

  2. hasby assidiqy

    Lost harem ark online

  3. moin

    Been watching for YEARS and I still dont understand how you are able to stay active and maxed out on multiple grinding games fucking hell

  4. Braian E. M

    what a beautiful game details

  5. excited last

    Honestly, if this game doesnt come out global at the beginning of the year, imma give up. Sick of waiting!

  6. SpungBob

    lol 3000 other N/A MMO release already while this game is taking their time to release in N/A

  7. Versus Flee

    Is there Europa server?

  8. 大月Ω Adrian Ω

    Jogo tão bonito em

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