Lost Ark Season 2 Papunika Story Part 1 of 2

I compiled a two-part story preview of Lost Ark’s Season 2 update! The new Papunika continent seems more like a fanservice update where you travel to an almost all-female village. There you’ll meet five new chicks that you can romance for items. With enough favor, invite them on over to your private estate. The crazy clown and his puppet are back causing more problems.

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  1. wolfsoldier5

    I wonder if I will get to play Lost Ark in my lifetime

  2. discoverer

    I played at russian server for a time. and I can say.. lost ark boss fights is awesome. they want harcore gameplay. if u cant.. you can lost 5 6 7 times. but I can say something too about lost ark daily quest. is boring. I just wanted to say.. I just want to play for the hardcore boss fights. other things is nothing for me.

  3. zartek

    00:47 the N-Word!

  4. Sycogenesis

    They did say 2021 but amazon has been quiet af, honestly who knows Maybe with crucible shutting down and their ppl going to new world this increases Nws dev cycle therefor increasing the launch for ark

  5. JoshZerklot

    Romance? Oh snap that’s neat. Also your Character looks super angry lol

  6. jakekohmusic

    Any idea which server should SEA player play in? Or will there be a SEA server in the foreseeable future?

  7. Aki

    Do you know something about global release ?

  8. Pondering


  9. Sobri Rosdriana

    The game lore is kinda interesting. Is there a youtuber who make video about the game's lore?

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