Lost Ark Season 2 Gunner Customization 50 Scouter Gameplay Boost Event

I’ve decided to come back and check out Lost Ark again after a long time away. They’re giving out free Character Boosts for any job, so I went ahead and selected the new Scouter job for fun~!

Game Site: https://lostark.game.onstove.com/
English Patch: https://lostarkdatabase.com/

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  1. Randall Thornsberry

    There have been so many games revealed & some where shut down as it didn't gave content like Blade xlord shuts this September but the one game I don't get is Revelation Online as it has Moba mode called Legends of Nuanor?

  2. Ahmad Firdaus

    If any updates for Global Server, please tell me :')

  3. Dubakux

    What processor and graphics card do you have?

  4. Astralaris

    Man this game is getting more and more interesting! Not really used to playing game with that Camera, but well, it looks interesting!
    Edit: Also, the sounddesign is amazing! Holy those soundeffects!
    Will you be doing the otehr classes as well?

  5. Jianto

    It's coming next year

  6. Sycogenesis

    Im a simple man, i see a Stepparu vid i click and upvote " inb4 SIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMP"

  7. Gabriel LL

    You haven't showed the assassin :(

  8. SacredRose

    Are the classes still gender locked as I thought they meant to get rid of that in S2?

  9. WiWi55


  10. JoshZerklot

    Should just called the class John wick tbh.

  11. sigmanagato


  12. w Bandera

    is that in Korea, if so, what vpn and account type (purchased or rented) do you recommend?

  13. Nerien

    Wasn't Gunner supposed to not be gender locked anymore on Season 2?

  14. Dai Long Lee

    Oh sh*t, this game ss1 can't play, now ss2 …..f***k.😏😏😏😏

  15. weapon

    Can't wait for the NA/EU version in 2021, hyped.

  16. hovsep56

    they still haven't released the update to remove the gender lock ?

  17. aniket sharma

    can we change gender?

  18. Tora-Ky

    I hope they will not give this game to shits companies like aeria and stuff like this,they will just kill the game for money and ignore the developers

  19. Nightmare

    Thanks for showing s2 gameplay!
    As i said before and ill say it again , i hope this company makes a single player game , i will try Lost Ark still 😂
    Gundam mode looks fun haha
    While i didn't like this class from what i saw in pvp , im really looking forward to Reaper (at least in trailer looked with potential)
    I have not seen all possible Scouter combos tho

  20. PizzaDood

    did they unlock the genders already ?

  21. Jonni Pylvänäinen

    Why it take so long to be released eu?

  22. Keiber Prin Cádiz

    Your hp never/rarely goes down why is that? it seems all the monster are decorative and not a real threat

  23. Bam boo

    Crazy animation

  24. Astro Tomato

    Wait, does western release means it will have a global server? or NA/EU region locked?

  25. Lee Tze Chung

    Hi, may I know lost ark EU version akrasia character( free lv 50 boost char ) will auto delete when the event is over?

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