Lost Ark Reaper Serene Karkosa Underwater Dungeon

Speeding through the weekly underwater dungeon in Lost Ark with a high-level group~ Reaper is going to be my new main character, for now. I’m enjoying the playstyle of this character a lot~ Slow progress due to enhancing system in season 2.

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  1. Tripr

    I want this game in NA so bad and this class

  2. Sycogenesis

    Sad, once you realize NA won't see Reaper prob til 2022

  3. Nezzen

    man ur fast

  4. Kev Ted

    Thanks for the video, Steparu. I always enjoy your Lostark video. This game is really interesting, hope it launched in SEA soon.

  5. Gazownikk

    Btw there's new english patch?

  6. Nightmare

    Reaper and Infighter are my favourite classes , Reaper was insanely well done , it can be played on different ways but all that i saw looked amazing.(And Honourable mention , Demonic Transformed because i dislike those untransformed weapons lol)
    Thanks for the video!

  7. 【OverBored】

    lol kr and jp mmorpg making their game only available for them having the chinese take advantage to that and stole their global playerbase, I can't wait until every MMORPG is controlled by china, it's much better since we get those games fast than having these kr and jp games

  8. karma?

    where did u download this game steparu? i want to play it also D:

  9. AzureRoxe

    Season 2 and the global release is still very M.I.A.

  10. Papa Mabotja

    The bosses are either very easy or you guys are that good at the game now

  11. Varesso

    god i cant wait until this comes to eu… 1 minute of this looks more immersive than all of the time ive spent in genshin :(

  12. Ovan TriEdge


  13. Goncalo Juliao

    That gear you are wearing, is it not available in RU? I haven't seen it and it looks so cool.

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