Lost Ark Reaper Gameplay Yorn Challenge Equalized Gear Dungeon

Lost Ark Season 2 Reaper just came out and they’ve given away a free high-level version of the character to those that have reached Payton story. I’m still messing around and testing this character, I like the playstyle so far. Stealth meter and then use specced out Red Skills for big damage.

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Комментариев: 17
  1. Hosea Ferdy

    I want play it…….

  2. Hosea Ferdy

    I want play it…….

  3. Ato

    still no loli, still not worth my time, rip

  4. Pastel Pure

    Is that a bard class wearing a chicken costume?

  5. SkyVanisher

    It’s a good day for some Lost Ark gameplay

  6. Nightmare

    This class is insane , it is the most anime one from what i saw too haha
    Thanks for the video!
    Kill some tardzerkers and destros in pvp 😂

  7. Kirill

    Why they can't cancel gear repair mechanics? The cost of repair is very low and couldn't impact on great loss of money, but when you forget to repair gear it would make you some trouble…I think it is outdated mmo mechanics.

  8. Martin Reese

    Thank you for all the awesome uploads Step!

  9. Akali Gölgenin Yumruğu

    When will the game's eu server be released?

  10. abdullah alhashimy

    any idea about her personal engravings ?

  11. M. HAMDANI

    Wonder what will be Magician 4th class.

  12. A L I E N S

    & they say elyons a clusterfuck

  13. MasterMike

    How do you like the reaper class? Great vid btw

  14. Cygnus Hyoga

    Stealth & teleport to the back then stab? Nice skill.. 😍
    But is it also has AOE skill for mobs in PVE? I think this class is more into PVP tho.. 🤔

  15. Ayrton Joaquin

    pc specs pls

  16. Hargie Curato

    This is like an upgraded black desert mobile withour omnidirectional camera…

  17. ImKeggs

    such bullshit it takes 5 years to get this game here

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