Lost Ark Reaper Gameplay Guardian Raid Boss Ice Hellgaia

Lost Ark Assassin 3rd Job Reaper in action against a guardian raid boss the Arctic or Ice Hellgaia. It’s been a while since I’ve played a melee job in Lost Ark, it feels pretty good. This class is a bit harder to play compared to Scouter. I can probably hit 2 million crits if I had Level 3 Grudge and Reaper Engravings, but I only had Lv2 Reaper Engraving 0 Grudge, too poor.

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  1. Broccoleet

    One day we will play here in the west. ONE DAYYY!!!!

    But not too soon because Genshin impact is really taking my time right now. Damn it's good.

  2. Felipe Fabricio

    Why the YouTube Channel is active but the site don't!? I don't understand… '-'

  3. Etniuh

    so many new classes on lost ark i lost track lol

  4. Zeeka

    i stop watching steparu's vid when he didn't play lost ark, and now he's back playing the game i'll keep my eye on it

  5. KawáiiSoul

    A3: Still alive. It looks like the closest we can get to Lost Ark. =[

  6. Ayrton Joaquin

    Play more lost ark !!! With summoner

  7. aniket sharma

    i think this class will get nerf.

  8. Sycogenesis

    So how do you like Reaper, wish they'd announce NA already lol

  9. Andrew Nospar

    oof, that 1mil crit

  10. Nightmare

    Nice video!

  11. Alfonso Delos Reyes

    Wait what the f. I didn't even realize that step was back lmao. Welcome back!!!!!!!! — 5 months late

  12. Tyler Ng

    the class feels so good, has such a weight to the skills. a little bit like a warrior + blade/lance master without that many annoying noises from blade

  13. klop516

    Taking forever for game to come for Europe and America

  14. Science Leponi

    Can't wait a year for this to come out on RU, or 25.7 years for NA/EU! I just got back into Lost Ark seeming RU just got Assassin who was the class I was waiting for, sad that when the game comes out in NA/EU I have to wait ages for the class I want to play to come out. I wish the Asian mmos would stop time gating classes as if they where major content, we do the content with the classes not the other way around.

  15. SuperCHAOSXXX

    Any news about Project TL so far, are they gonna stay on UE4 or are they gonna wait until next year to upgrade to UE5 :D.

  16. Soonie Mini

    love it!!!

  17. Bedwyr

    Holy shit, Stepy-mepy not shitting around!

  18. Bam boo

    This game still has the best animation..


    Being able to dodge through without unit collision is a god send for that class in raids. Looks like a lot of fun!

  20. Thyraelis

    I can't wait for the day this game will be released in Europe. I have been following the development of this game since I saw a video of it in 2015

  21. Christoff Stephens

    Yow steparu how dose this class play to you?

  22. BerixPlay

    Looks Amazing

  23. NekroVX

    oh look its the game we are never gonna get in NA

  24. Александр Козырев

    What was your gearscore when you did this video? Can you also share attack power and which seal effects you had on?

  25. Why So Serious


  26. Elena S

    Hey @Steparu can you show me your reaper build…:) thx

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