Lost Ark Randomized Cube Rooms from Final Test

The only cube footage I have from the beta test, item drops were nerfed.
Maybe they will buff this place again on release, but it wasn’t worth the time.
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  1. Best Riven EU

    ah i hope the long wait isn't killing the game for me

  2. B Golite

    Hi again! How can you still play this game? I have verified stove account but can't play as final obt is ended..plz explain to me

  3. Amur Ika

    OBT in few months!!!!

  4. Sharooken

    Sucks that Korea and Japan always get the awesome games when NA gets lame ass early access games or BR shit…. :(

  5. william wyrick

    Isn’t this game gonna come to the West the same time it launches in the east? I hope so, it’s been a long wait for this game.

  6. Juan6jas R

    latinoamerica cant play???

  7. Noctis Gaming

    Just hope they don't fuck this game up like Kakao fucked black desert online….



  9. Min

    Thanks again for these videos, Steparu. I hope the game launches smoothly and soon.

  10. Eugene Hardy

    thanks for another cool vid. cant wait to try this game.

  11. Christopher Yako

    Always a pleasure to watch your content.

  12. Android EK Games

    Love it.

  13. Ven


  14. XxninailsxX

    Step…ive always wondered if youre korean or american lol

  15. Estel

    Lost Ark < Project TL (Open world mass pvp/pk drop items)

  16. Stephen Mays

    So was the reward only gold? Also what were the penalties for lucky/unlucky. It seems like this game has quite a few endgame activities from what I've seen of your videos. Is that accurate?

  17. Zhaeph

    So i kinda see only this setup in dungeons Hawk-Bard-SF and warlord… what happened with arcana class in the game ?

  18. B. Stoilov

    I dont understand why people are so hyped for this game. I didnt understand why ppl were hyping Bless either.

  19. MrRomegard

    any news on release? :P

  20. al videos

    Howcome every fucking youtuber has that annoying bird tweet skill? Use a different class, fucktard.

  21. Joel Dias

    my hype for this game is already gone

  22. Warzol

    huh… from the looks of it. couldn't kill the two bosses? or a miniboss with the boss in that deal. and lost the rewards all around i take it? damn. so gotta be careful and have to beat the timer too. x_X challenging indeed on this last test. good stuff step.

  23. Qheedan قهيدان

    2022 coming XD

  24. Regina Lee

    It may be released in a few months! It was revealed that Smilegate contacted PC Cafe agencies in Korea!

  25. Unity Chan's MMD

    I can't wait for this game!

  26. Kaly

    Is there any new update on OBT release date?


    Hello Steparu my Friend! Youre Videos are good! I have 2 Questions…. Do you know the Release of Lost Ark in Europe ? I read some shitt about this game .. in Korea is the Release End 2018/2019 wit ha Open Beta! and here the Second Question : Can u tell me what i have to do for playing on the Korean Server @ Korea Release ? ___Sorry for my bad english!

  28. XL Gaming

    For English Access ? When?

  29. GR0MIT

    I loved this game when the trailers and stuff were released but now even my hype for is gone, so sick of Korean and other Asian countries taking so damn long to release a game that when it does finally arrive it's basically dead on arrival and utterly obsolete while we have to put up with popular western version clones with a tenth of the gameplay but are so popular you can't kill them and these games die..

  30. alnise Schrenkek

    Room cleared. Encouraged to wait for cool downs + next room "load screen" + animation = absurd long downtimes.
    And the chest? Why on earth are they behind and in front of EXTRA downtimes? Why are they in the next room?

  31. alnise Schrenkek

    Only 14 stages? Why dont they let you play until you actually cant go on anymore and die?

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