Lost Ark Random PvP and PvE Adventures

Just doing other things in the game aside from raids and chaos.
It’s taking forever to get 500iLvl+ for the real end game epic raids.
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — F2P OBT

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  1. Oskki

    Man can't wait for it to be in EU to many videos and is not here to play :(

  2. Luiz Pixel


  3. NoGround

    What? Did I see ilvl 425?~! O.o

  4. Beatmastapat09

    The club island is a daily or quest chain? Also i like the ending! xD

  5. Nahun Mejia

    Wait at the first minute is a dungeon PvEvP single?? because if so, it's what I've been waiting for a long time

  6. Bs Kata


  7. Othman zodiac

    How do u remove the ui

  8. Tanoshii

    could you do a vid about your daily routine?

  9. mcgaretse77

    steparu… what armour is that? its nice… elegant and simple..

  10. Rodney Campbell

    It sounds so cool that it takes a long time to hit the high ilvl to do some of the content, I love everything about the game from the basic combat down to how the UI looks I just don't think I could get completely immersed not being able to read Korean. It is sad though that whatever publisher they get would change the game for the west, it would be nice just to get a patch for the west where the game doesn't change so much like other localisations have.

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