Lost Ark PvP 3v3 Team Arena Hawkeye Gameplay Legendary Box Reward

I was a bit bored of PvE dungeons, so I grinded PvP instead for gear.
Rank up enough and you can buy the full legendary set shown in vid.
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — Final Test

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Комментариев: 50
  1. theseventhammer

    The time to kill looks insanely slow….

  2. emmanuel pastoral

    looks like a mobile game.

  3. My Lord


  4. Krabby Patty

    Yeah this the biggest hyped up bullshit game ever. I GUARANTEE THIS GAME WILL FLOP HARD! I feel sorry for the mmo community, yall are gullible MF's. Mmo is dead! Same copy paste bullshit. Lost ark is no different.

  5. Nam Doan

    PvP looks smooth and solid. In your experience, have you noticed any balance issue thus far? I am looking at things like range class can constantly kite melee or vice versa where melee can stick to range like glue and dish out crazy damage.

  6. Hrvoje Todoric

    Worldwide release. eSport :)

  7. Sil Banuelos

    I can’t wait for 2025 when it comes to the West

  8. Tremor

    12:20 lol your team played so bad dude… that was an easy win XDD

  9. Waiffenn

    I'd be more excited for the game if it weren't genderlocked.
    They just had to go ahead and make all the mages female and archers/gunners male.
    Could've at least mixed up a bit so we have more variety.

  10. n3squ1k666

    Wooooah, that hawkeye is musthave

  11. Nikolay Zloba

    bad pvp…….. VERY BAD

  12. ThiccBlooded

    Stilllll waiting to play in the US. tick tock

  13. romer balino

    Hi how or where can i get lost ark account

  14. sXz zero

    Does this game has boobs or butt physics? jiggly jiggly?

  15. Pan Banan

    I want this game so badly ;__; Give it to europe PLEASE!!

  16. Mrboy21ful

    Whoever player 3 was on your first team was a murder.

  17. Hector 1981

    R.I.P — LOL and Dota

  18. ShakyYeti

    O man this game looks so good i have been waiting a long time for this game!

  19. Vladimir Unreal

    Полное говно, врага даже не видно нихрена(

  20. Unnamed

    lol ! Hi, Steparu, I'm Natalya (Battle Master who played together). I am pleased to meet you again . kk

  21. Avster

    ranged looks a bit OP compared to melee…

  22. Platini De Mcdowell

    is that varus from LOL haha

  23. Felipe Costa

    lol its like battlerite but better, and thats only the arena pvp

  24. Idktbhxd

    NEEDS an unlocked camera that you can move around..

  25. Daniel Teran

    Coming out in 2020

  26. Daemon

    why did he lost in the second round? Wasn't it a draw?

  27. Irkana Virse

    Nice PvP <3

  28. Warthain

    Completly unbalanced pvp for melee classes.. another game where ranged classes reign supreme in both damage and mobility… not a melee friendly game that i can tell

  29. ArtofDylan

    nothing will beat dragon nest when it comes to mmorpg pvp, too bad it's so unbalanced and developers ruined their own game

  30. 새우새우


  31. Drego

    Ich will endlich dieses fucking Game!!!!

  32. Ice sCream

    I need this game…desperately

  33. Veera M Chai

    This game looks so good! Is it available to play now in KR? Or is still CBT

  34. lorenzo501

    please tell me that this game has an option for English..

  35. David Kaczynski

    When will Lost Ark be available ? I wanna play this game since years ago…

  36. Palamedes 47

    The arena didint look that steampunk in the trailer

  37. Опять Forsones

    что за гавноо ахахахахахах мухахаха слов нет

  38. Steven Wong

    I really really want to play this game (Hong Kong )

  39. Deocrinic

    Damn, seems balanced to me. dmg isnt to great 1 skill can 1 hit kill you. thats good!

  40. nullvoid

    Any big battleground for massive pvp ? or war zones? pls..

  41. Sonsaku Hakufu

    no assist — play bots

  42. Stranger Phenomenon

    WOW.. the best PVP I've seen.. LOST ARK is EPIC.. I hope it will come out in US Servers…

  43. Omega Point Singularity

    Have been eyeing Lost Ark for a while, im happy the pvp looks good. Also hope it comes out to the west soon. Hope its not too grindy or p2w

  44. Bully maguire the Demi gods

    The graphic is good. But my pc can't take it. Cause the game is hardcore not sofecore

  45. Bully maguire the Demi gods


  46. Mike Oakes Hart

    Upon stepping to this channel
    "Looks all these awesome Korean MMO I could never play."

  47. 박sung

    니들이 자꾸 p2w거리니까 na서버를 안만들지
    하스스톤에 몇백만원씩 질러넣고 운빨로 지는 새끼들이 무슨p2w타령인지 ㅋㅋ

  48. Joe

    Step what build do you use on your hawkeye?

  49. Vadboi

    just like lol

  50. Vadboi

    the gui below is gay

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