Lost Ark PvP 3v3 Gameplay Hawkeye 10 Kills DPS MvP

I really enjoyed PvPing during the final test, so I still a lot of PvP vids.
I want to play Summoner in OBT, but it sucks in PvP, need a new job.
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — Final Test

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Комментариев: 22
  1. Aykt Ygt

    Ya biz ne zaman oyniyacaz bu aq oyununu ya..

  2. Nuex Dela Rosa

    its like playing league with all that microing

  3. Herrisson Vinicius Machado de Freitas

    That skill omg :O 0:47

  4. Enki Ro


  5. TheGoodSamaritan

    look at those poor meley

  6. Goror x

    I hated Diablo….. but this is another level of insanity, I think when this is released world wide, it would be worse than crack. LOVE IT

  7. Peniel Lockward

    im afraid that range classes in this game are to op in pvp

  8. Toya

    This is how a archer should be like.

  9. daniel lima

    Haaa need Na verseion nice video

  10. Sam Mo

    sad life, couldnt have dis in my country

  11. EL1T3

    This game looks sick

  12. bekas iblis

    Diablo V should make like this

  13. Ryan Laiber

    i need this game

  14. Jay&JoyTV

    No global version yet?

  15. DonPascquale

    looks like shit

  16. Kev Ted

    Thanks for this great video. Many Lost Ark PVP video out there is just a montage with a loud music.

  17. Jesus AlatakeR

    puto cancer el hawkeye

  18. BarbarianTV ดวงเดช

    Why is the bow slow in this game?


    For those in the west that want to play this game NOW: you can very easily get a VPN and play on the Russia servers with an English patch. The game's really well optimized so the ping doesn't feel that bad, even in NA. Just look up "How to Setup & Play Lost Ark With English Text — Lost Ark RU" On YouTube. It'll walk you through it.

  20. FlubberSquid


  21. Baika360

    I think im going to main Hawkeye. Very funny and rewarding.

  22. B K

    This is kinda how I imagined Diablo 3 was going to be. Looking back that was probably one of the earliest signs of what Blizzard was becoming.

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