Lost Ark Party Dungeon Morai Ruins Full Run CBT2

Here is my Summoner’s Morai Ruins full dungeon run from CBT2.
I also have full dungeon preview as a Bard and short ver. w/ Infighter.
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — FCBT Soon

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Комментариев: 48
  1. 阿隆RYU

    This really need a verified korean account to play?
    and this require high end pc to play ?

  2. Mert1313

    Damn i will 24/7 this game

  3. Hung Le

    Love it, thanksssss Ste :D . PLS play Soul Master in CBT 3 :D . Also, would we share the same loot in dungeon / raid or random. tksss

  4. Diablue

    2020 ?

  5. jam201984

    i so fucking want this game in the west

  6. Cryy

    will sell left testi for CBT3 access.

  7. Rafael Colombari

    Is possible play this game with joystick?

  8. Gabriel

    Anyone knows if the game will be pay to play or free to play?
    ( or p2w XD)


    I'm from 2030 and still havent played this game

  10. Kinetix DG

    this looks fun and has improuved for the past 3 years of developpment but when will they fucking release it srsly.

  11. Pride Maneerat

    I'm disappoint with Lost ARK from the first trailer it make me WOW!! but now… what wrong with this game?

  12. 치우민감한


  13. Adam Jin

    You access for CBT 3

  14. RD Not-system

    test test test and test, for 10 years and this game open on 2028

  15. GR0MIT

    can't wait to play this in 2049

  16. fortas bendras

    is it wrong fap to this?

  17. Kenshigo

    crazy thing about all those asian games, they are in developement for 1000+ years, if it would be from the west, they´d be in early access since 10+ years^^

  18. nd nd

    They need to announce a western release… been waiting almost 3 years since I've first heard about it!!!!

  19. nd nd

    Steparu, did you lower the graphics or did they change? They look different from other videos.


    im so happy because i can speak korean

  21. Watoto Pototo

    can't believe i have waited for this game over 3-4 years now geezus just hurry the F up couldn't they

  22. FinFET _

    Open world?

  23. alabama Danana

    Wow that spell where u spew out birds seems very op

  24. Не вижу зла


  25. Robz

    More! I need more Lost ark!

  26. Alejandro Garcia

    Why is this game taking so long? Is it a small studio, a pet project? I look forward to it, but I can almost see Diablo 4 coming out before this does and well you know what chance this game has when that happens…

  27. Freud Espacial

    this game is simple awesome

  28. would you kindly

    Looks kinda boring… Same thing over and over and over again…

  29. sikamika9

    looks pretty boring…just like diablo 3

  30. curse Love

    so when is this game coming out its been like 2 or 3 years all rady

  31. Moe Qamber

    r we going to see this game ?

  32. pallas12345

    Is there any info about the pvp? Will there be any guild pvp? So far I have only see 3v3 or 1v1.
    Where are the big battles?

  33. Hiếu TC

    When is game releases ?

  34. sun vs moon

    Offical info — Lost Ark only for ASIA. Good luck with Your waiting ^^

  35. Badou Music & Family

    how play this game ??

  36. A D

    Does this game get challenging? @Steparu

  37. Oroku ATac

    I need this game in my life.

  38. 8ugra

    çıkartında oynayalım şu oyunu artık amk

  39. Sabe Fulano . . .

    Steparu what is your computer configuration?

  40. Mol AMV

    Yeah it looks alright, mosnters could look a bit more.. distinctive at some places.

  41. ClunkyDoo

    Shit game

  42. Green Tea

    only idiots still care about this game. even when it will be available to play on west servers asians will be years ahead. Pointless to wait and check anything but yt showes me this btw if there gonna release it to na/eu game itself will be old

  43. CombatCandy

    Will Lost Ark ever come to Europe?

  44. maxer trister

    How to download

  45. Wesley Santos

    minha ansiedade é tão grande de jogar este jogo, é esse e o maplestory 2, mas MS2 consegui jogar no beta então a ansiedade se foi um pouco, mas pra Lost Ark hype é gigante

  46. Xcenic

    who else is commenting in the year 2030 and still haven't played?

  47. ShinTechG

    Who do I need throw all my money at to get this game for North America?

  48. Label07

    No clue what they're saying but I want it.

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