Lost Ark Open Beta Male Character Customization

A lengthier preview of the male customization compared to my female one.
I’ll be playing on Lupeon 루페온 server with my guildies. The server is super full.
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — Open Beta

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Комментариев: 34
  1. rafART

    how you play in kr?

  2. Amur Ika

    Omg finally OBT? NA next year?

  3. honeysana

    idk how to download korean games i wish i could play this without getting a virus on my pc ;-;

  4. MrBlvdman

    Well this sucks, all this character customization and not a single African Low Fade haircut in any of em. Can't even style my character nicely in any of these mmos these days. All generic unrealistic hairstyles for me. Only the shaved head one I can relate too. Feelsbadman

  5. Kshaos sohasK

    Are not there new classes? :C

  6. Jin Kim

    Okay. I thought the title said, "Lost Ark BETA MALE Customization". I see now that it did not.

  7. Regina Lee

    can't wait 6 days!

  8. Azzam allehyani

    So sad that i can't play it i was so hyped.

  9. Milk Candy

    designing your ideal men steparu?

  10. Nightmare

    "beta male character customization" haha

  11. Zen

    Steparu help me, where to buy the account, obt game always out of st9ck….

  12. purextreme

    Didn’t you make these videos already.

  13. Maxime Barrau

    can't wait for an EU release …

  14. 개미왕/ Ant King

    I'm upset I could not make my character BALD! This game is HARIST! BOYCOTT! j/k, but i am a little annoyed i can't be bald.

  15. Titanic Tuna

    Beta Male Priceless, I love it!

  16. Rome

    Those armors are lit af

  17. Malleus Maleficarum

    Why are all of them so utterly fuckable?

  18. Mark BeL

    take my money and let me finally play it

  19. Aetheris

    0:49 looks like Jon Snow hahah

  20. Minicupi ja ja

    Pretty sure "Guts" is already taked for a berserk class xD.

  21. BM03

    It's extremely weird to me you can customize so much for a isometric view game where your character is a tiny toy in a sea of explosions…

  22. Madoshi

    0:50 You know nothin' Snow.

  23. kyoya941

    Are the classes gender locked?

  24. TAGEtheMAGE

    They need to take off the gender lock.

  25. TAGEtheMAGE

    Steparu can you show us some gameplay with heavy gunner/blaster class

  26. Lucikrux Apache

    can this game please come to america

  27. GermanStrands

    Lets join the #meow for the Hawkeye Class :D! See you on Server 2 guys.

  28. Xaco Swso

    Only white race?

  29. Untempered Flame

    Was expecting more manbuns and thick rimmed glasses…

  30. Phobyux

    generic shiet

  31. Kuza

    I know OBT starts soon and plenty of guides on how to get started playing, but is there an English patch available? Like ArcheAge, BDO, and other Korean Betas had player updated English patches?

  32. Sasuke

    Finaly, i cant weight for your videos of lost ark gameplay, keep up the good work man.

  33. LOU ALEX

    Dont we have phone!?

  34. Some One

    11:44 lol this is the guy I try to make in every game I've played… but i dont like this class :/

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