Lost Ark Open Beta CG Trailer 60FPS Enhanced Version

Lost Ark CG Movie for the upcoming Open Beta starting on Nov. 7th!
Pre-registration event has begun. Finally, a new MMORPG to play~!
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — OBT 11/7

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  1. Steparu

    The original 30FPS version from the official LostArk
    Some Information about Open Beta translated by my friend.


    1:43 its like the Zelda Botw trailer, same type of sounds. this game looks awesome

  3. bitnaneunByul 빛나는별

    0:44 죽음이네. EPIC.

  4. Ziqel

    Your jokes are getting old guys… get it…? K…

  5. 이종주

    촌스러워서 못봐주것네…

  6. へりこかる

    a gunslinger?? SOLD!!!!!

  7. bray lopz

    the last fight scene was literally copied from the Lord of the rings

  8. 거대듀

    1:33 로스카 투잡뛰네 ㅋㅋ

  9. Legion

    1:24 hear that? She's telling us it'll only be 30 more years till western release.

  10. Suomi420

    still 2 years later after first vids no timeline for eu or na server realease or even beta.. to be true i dont belive they will bring the game here for us its been so long and they woulda already done it

  11. GianCarlooo___

    Me deprime >:' C

  12. Oliver H.

    Love me some practical combat gear! Males in Armor that weighs a metric ton and the chicks fight in promdresses and highheels. Seems legit.

  13. Sik Ho

    i'm korean so happy , 2018 Nov first week is coming for my second life

  14. Xut

    when Diablo X is realeased this game will be released globally

  15. UmiLee

    all im wondering about is the guy at the end dude….im more worried about that guy hahaa

  16. Pie Flavour

    will it be playable in eu aswell?

  17. Lexi

    PLEASE bring this to the US. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase.

  18. Daniel Castells

    i just got a huge boner right now with this fucking trailer

  19. BlazeStoneZ

    1:32 I'm getting a breath of the wild feeling.

  20. Barthenn

    Funny part 1 — Emo Vampire elf comes out to look at how useless his army and generals are doing, and send a swirling beam of energy at the emo prince who has done barely any damage. Part 2 — Emo prince remember when he was all alone and brooding under a tree looking at the land and the city, and then emo priest offer him to get up and fight Part 3 — Emo face at the end crying at the end.

  21. daretodream2k7

    To be released in 2020😂

  22. jayson aresta

    3:48 they are twins?

  23. inkursion 58

    1:351:51 sound exactly like Breath of the wild

  24. Neo Seven

    Bromance at 3:45. XD

  25. Neo Seven

    What a beautiful musical piece. The intro and blending of instruments never cease to amaze me. From an unplugged electric guitar, Lute, Flute to Horn. Perfect! Kudos to the band who made this OST for Lost Ark.

  26. Steve Willian

    Please anyone have name of that song/music ? time 00:00

  27. 개토리

    직접 게임해본 사람이라면 이영상이 먼의미인지 알꺼임.
    캐릭터들 프롤로그랑 루테란 스토리를 요약해놨음.

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