Lost Ark Online Tour Jungle Region with Treasure Map

An unintentional tour video while searching for a secret dungeon!
Unfortunately, it was a gathering dungeon. Can’t Read Korean Fails.
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — FCBT Soon

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Комментариев: 45
  1. Kushmin Davis

    Is is unreasonable that I want this to play more like DFO or Rusty Hearts ? The Input system would be fantastic here. And more normals. Always more normals.

  2. Nightmare

    0:46 , how does a berserker o destroyer do that? LOL

  3. BubblegumB

    This looks majestic ❤️✨✨✨

  4. aakee87

    By the time you upload all your CBT clips CBT3 will be here. Which is a good thing. :3 I hope you get into next CBT! And thank you for your hard work!

  5. Erko Asko

    looks like bdo mobile

  6. SrProphet

    i hope there will be a SURPRISE localization of this game and that thats the reason they are taking so long.

  7. Asad alya

    Really dont understand anything.

  8. 11223daniel

    i want this game now :(

  9. jam201984

    are we getting this in EU?

  10. Allacross D.

    great video keep the good work ! did they give any new info ? release .. monetization .. ^^

  11. Eharan L


  12. Damien

    again a video xd, i love that, i waitingggg this game

  13. Norgatron

    if a descent publisher gets hold of this game won’t be that long to wait maybe 2019

  14. PoroPoro

    Great video ! Did you know If it's going to be a F2P or a B2P ? ^^

  15. 滅天

    want it now !

  16. El Toro Fuerte

    When this game will come in EU ???


    :( NA pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  18. IsleofMAN

    this there even a chance that we are getting this in the US????

  19. Devaastatorr

    The wait the wait, I say about by 2020 this game should coming to na eu, after they translate everything, but these videos make me want to play so bad

  20. Robonator

    And i was seriously afraid they will downgrade the graphics. Seems like they even improved.

  21. Ryoma

    This game has a good optimization?

  22. LoreD

    Wait CB3 already started? o.O

  23. Nicolas Daniel Silva Aravena

    which one do you think is likely to reach west soon? lost ark or lineage eternal?

  24. Zeeka

    keep posting videos of lost ark my bro, it keeps us from our insanity of not having to play this game.

  25. AW168

    Please do other than combat gameplay please. I'll love to see Fishing, Housing, Farming or anything.

  26. 7down bo

    worldwide release date 2020

  27. 7down bo

    does it has english version? please answer

  28. Damien

    how many hours do you have on the cbt 2 ? sorry for my english

  29. Hung Le

    Great, tks a lot :D . Ste, will u join the next CBT 3, apparently on 19/4, if i weren't wrong. Hope to see some more clips. If u could. do some live stream for CBT3 :D

  30. mike

    Looks amazing ! I wish there is more to do in this kind of places .

  31. 검정색고양

    Danm Music is like from Skyrim. And this look fk fantastic.

  32. WALOR

    Bless Online Coming. Lost Ark RİP!

  33. Tragedy INC

    can't wait to play this game, i'm looking forward to it coming out in 5 years from now.

  34. Xennori

    Holy fuck this hurts. You have minimap on top od the screen PLEASE.

  35. Grimalkhinn

    cant wait to play it in EU

  36. Portal

    분위기와 그래픽은 상당히 마음에 드네요.

  37. anjo fortich

    can we play this game outside korea?

  38. Александр

    17 минут просто ходил. дол6ае6 чтоле?

  39. Ponyponypony Pony

    one boring ass walking sim. why do ppl think this crap is good

  40. Luigi

    Is this game playable atm for us in EU ??

  41. YhelloWish

    I don't why but this game remind me of Dungeon Siege 2 a lot

  42. Suomi420

    lol all of you are idiots, this game wont come in europe or NA its been confirmed this guy just makes money of you guys by playing it in korea and promising you content.. just unsubcribe and forget a bout this game its only a dream

  43. XP Dupla

    This map remember me of Eudemons Elves map, Elvencity!!! <3 I want to play it so bad!

  44. Magic Wave

    Final test 5.23-6.3

  45. Regina Lee

    한글 못읽어서 방향 못찾는거 안타깝다…

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