Lost Ark Online Robot World Boss Battle Final Test

I camped this boss like forever yesterday… T_T. Never again~!
Meleeing randomly for the armor break debuff because it’s OP.
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — Final Test

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Комментариев: 39
  1. BerixPlay

    boss have 318kk HP Versus player which have 6k HP who WIN really i don't like that

  2. Spoki Mo

    sound falcon bad

  3. Kevin Poulard

    I'm not sure my GPU can handle this sh*t… lul

  4. iMoto G

    Leaf icon and 22….. what does it represent?

  5. Crash Tagiyev

    Step dude , can u show us some pvp please?I rly want see how strong is hawkeye in pvp

  6. Refi Arief

    how to regis this game?

  7. Lee Yeon

    Is this the hardest boss by far?

  8. GunStrikerX

    hmm…, still not sure about the loot drop system, especially when in this open area. Is it the "what you see is what you get"(like Diablo III for example) or the old system like free for all? Maybe can you explain it a little bit, since I'm still curious about the loot drop system in this game.

  9. OnlyPain Pubg

    Steparu any news about lineage eternal the new Project TL?

  10. Code Guitar

    Tears of jealousy :"( keep it up though <3

  11. 滅天

    Steparu CPU temps over 9,000 ºC!

    on:looks like pretty intensive CPU bound game

  12. Can Oa

    That sound is so …cmon :( my last hope for good game is Lost Ark pls make and sound good pls!

  13. kevin loo

    for how long this last cbt will last?

  14. Fahim Ahmed

    Holy moly this looks freaking crazy. I realize that it may not look very fun, but that doesn't matter if it's actually fun in gameplay. So was the gameplay fun?

  15. Sultan Khail

    The Boss is like : Fuck me.

  16. Gepardix

    Hey, do you need a very op pc to run this game? hopefully someone answer w

  17. Hichi

    Steparu-senpai do you have any news on when the open beta is ?

  18. spirit Harmony

    My eyes and ears are bleeding

  19. Odex wf

    what are the specifications of your pc?Is this game going to be free?

  20. Sansymilia

    Stpearu what is your PC build, ebecause i don't see any lags and quality is good, can you tell me?

  21. Bal hera

    Lul i was thinking : "oh shit nice! this metallica music fits well with this boss fight, he has great taste". it just happened to be my own spotify, the volume made it sound like it was part of the video hahahaha Metallica — The Frayed Ends of Sanity

  22. Panjol1212 Art

    looks like ragnarok online when 1 guild trying to kills the hardest MVP but with better graphic.

  23. 불타오른

    폰트 모양도 싸구려고 폰트 크기도 다 똑 같고. 상황에 맞게 여러 폰트에다 다양한 크기로 좀 표현 하지. 폰트 하나로 참 없어 보임 게임이

  24. Marco Moro

    How can i play this, please help me i tried so far but i still don't know how to..

  25. Kento Cogburn

    I read something about an open pvp zone called sylmael. is it in the game yet. Also is there ship vs ship combat?

  26. V ii

    gangbang xD

  27. jean Paul BG

    t video c de la grosse merde bisous

  28. Hizachan

    I really wanna play this game!

  29. Lexheart Gaming

    wow looks epic
    i feel sorry for the birds chirping all the time haha
    the sound effects are like sub-machine guns

  30. Nightquaker


  31. lindvior

    what fps do you get here?

  32. DannyRodz

    WHYYY this game dont have publisher for NA, whyyy????

  33. Jefferson Lima

    LAG do carain kkkkkkkk

  34. Memento Mori

    Jesus christ this is boring as fuck, horrible world boss design. Which is weird considering the rest of the game is fucking amazing. They really need to make world bosses into something other than sponges.

  35. Shimm

    Animation mess

  36. Andrew Volynec

    What video card do you have?

  37. Haziq Mazlan

    my graphics card would burst into flames

  38. XVII Gamer

    location ?

  39. GMG

    id die so many times
    Im melee

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