Lost Ark Online Premade 3v3 PvP Gameplay Various Matches

My last PvP gameplay video for now until the game is officially out!
Teamed up with a good Bard and getting carried by Arcana. Love PvP.
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — Final Test

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Комментариев: 28
  1. GonzoTecKTonIcK

    I haven’t played it yet but god damn I can’t wait for obt so I could try this game! Steparu can you advice on vpn which one is better?

  2. Bs Kata

    Do your best☺☺☺☺☺

  3. hovsep56

    Bet ranged classes dominate in pvp i barely see any mellee chars

  4. Jace Kace

    How is Kingdom Under Fire 2 doing? Have you heard about new RaiderZ rework?

  5. Jace Kace

    Loved your RaiderZ guides and builds. Do you have any plans on checking out the game again?

  6. PauloB

    Does the bard heal in pvp?

  7. honeysana

    i am so pumped for this game to come out in the west hopefully like next year or smth

  8. 鬼Gozu

    when will this game get a mobile release?

  9. NooB Bros

    can u tell me is this going to cn server soon?

  10. Lord Metallium

    can't waiiiiiiiiiiit I WANT MY BLASTER XD

  11. Ron Abarintos

    I think lost arc is better on consoles? What do u think guys?

  12. ifordefouw

    This reminds me of battlerite

  13. Really Not Allen

    Any chance we get to see the whole system of the game? Like skills, classes, and the side skills etc.

  14. Nerien

    I'm thinking about trying this game when the OBT gets released but, I'm kinda wondering how korean react to western players. Do you think people will report me for playing it?

  15. Hung Le

    Ste OP :3

  16. Darq

    Thanks for the gameplay video ♥️ cant wait to play lost ark

  17. Magus

    Do we need a verified acc to play at obt?

  18. Juan M

    I'll play it in Korean

  19. Devon Draco

    looks good, something to break the monotony of PoE. gonna play both

  20. zerozano

    So how is the pvp balanced?

  21. skader

    Holy mother of stun lock

  22. Matthew Delrosario

    @steparu whats op?

  23. 바이올렛

    Need vpn???

  24. toni

    It seems that Lost Ark is the main game for Steparu now. 😁

  25. Kryless777

    gear equalized or not? if not equalized…..trash game.

  26. Don Solo

    May i please ask where can i get an account and which VPN would you recommend using?

  27. göktürk sağlam

    How was ping with vpn? I wanna play from Turkey do you think it will be playable?


    he Steparu… Can u tell em what u know about the release of the Alpha or Beta in this game in Korea ? i want to play it ((:

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