Lost Ark Online Level 50 Chaos Morai Ruins Version Boss

Lv50 version of Morai Ruins. Farming accessories & upgrade stone!
After getting gear here, I went back to tower for item level 300 stuff.
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Комментариев: 22
  1. woo choi

    watching it after this video has been posted for 10 seconds :D

  2. Floyd Dominique

    seems like this game really have alots lots of contents…

    what about the new BLESS steparu? i kept heard people saying that BLESS have a very limited content and pretty much no EndGame content….

  3. self1sch

    The bird sounds are annoying :D It also seems that Hawkeye isn't as exciting to watch as other classes….

  4. Domnick Hardin

    Are you going to record gameplay of the soul master?

  5. Hans Ermast

    What does the hawk give you besides dealing damage? Bird sound is annoying tho, hopefully they will replace it with something better. Nevertheless the game is so beautiful

  6. Case Died Well

    This game. Dude. This GAME!
    Holdin' out hope we get a Western release, by a company that isn't completely overcome by greed.

  7. Lenny D

    Wow!! Impressive!!! Thank you very much for sharing!

  8. Maxime Barrau

    1 hawkeye : the bird's sound is o.k
    2hawkeyes: tweet fk… tweet … these birds… tweet … are everywhere… tweet…tweet

  9. Elian

    Merci à whitesouls pour m'avoir rediriger ici , https://www.twitch.tv/whitesoulsgaming

  10. Crolicious

    so how does the control work? you press with lmb or rmb to move? and is there a basic attack on lmb or rmb? thats what i always hated about such games like diablo.. when u can press rmb/lmb (most of the time its rmb) on an enemy for a basic attack and then the character moves towards the enemy instead of attacking. so it would be cool if in this game the mouse is only used for moving and directing the skills.

  11. KAMI

    Ty WhiteSoulsGaming for making me discover this channel!

  12. francisco lopez

    damm i need this game

  13. Lord Metallium

    you really lik to make me suffer do you stepu? :P, BECUASE I AM THIS IS SO COOL XD, Lost ark come to NA ALREADY DAMMIT :P

  14. Radzchin R

    Which class does more dps hawkeye or soulmaster?

  15. Qzzz

    All i see is clone wars. Identycal mobs with no AI slowly walking into flashy skills.

  16. Nizaction

    Can you keybind the movement to wasd?

  17. David

    Steparu, first of all i want to thank you for all the Lost Ark gameplay you have been posting. Second, i wanted to ask you if you knew any information of this game coming to NA?

  18. dawich rodriguez

    How can i download this game?

  19. SkyFury

    How does the hawkeye feel? Is it mobile enough? i see it got 2 movement skills with some cooldown. How is the dmg compare to the other classes? Is the hawk also usefull? It only got 1 skill? How to recharge the hawk after its gone?

  20. teentitanbg

    Nice. I hope this game will release NA future.
    I'm dead, this revelation's inventory and gear display style.

  21. TiltingArt

    If this game didn't have a freaking mobile -locked camera would be really great

  22. Crimson Claw

    Is there anyway i can play this now i know it's in Korea but how to register and thx

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