Lost Ark Online — Demon Invasion Story Scenario — Final Test

The Hawkeye version for this epic demon siege story mission~!
This is one of my favorite scenarios aside from the castle siege.
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — Final Test

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  1. SkyFury

    Is that Diablo 4 :D?

  2. Lechko

    give me ur pc bro plx D:

  3. ReiDosZe -

    is it only for pc?

  4. Sebi Alex

    this game will never be released in EU or US or anyware. ITS ONLY IN KOREA

  5. Anubis

    Nice game have english prevision?

  6. tchokez

    Can you do a vid on the maplestory 2 br gamemode. Didn't/won't play this second cbt and would love some gameplay.

  7. hasby assidiqy

    Someone said this is diablo 4.. But they're wrong.. This is take to another level.. This is…. Diablo 5

  8. Elpaperino

    Honestly this game only looks better each time i see video of next beta.

    Just this current campaing felt really good: Good acting, great cutscenes and graphics looks ridiculously good for UE3. Heck, the game seems to be working even if your pc is potato(At least from hw requirements they have on their page)

    I honestly hope if they release it for US/EU they wont fuck it up by marketing or giving to companies like nexon because it really feels like a game which could get on similiar place WoW FF14 ESO are(I honestly wouldnt mind if this would be B2P with optional subscribtion system similiar to ESO but i dont think i would have budget to pay 15 bucks a month just like that)

  9. lapusan mirel

    Damn why was I born in Europe, can't wait for a global release of this.

  10. Mert1313

    Damn i will throw all my games if this comes out

  11. Mrboy21ful

    Huh that ending reminds me of Rodin and Alraune.

  12. Johannes Sommer

    can i play this as european member when it comes out in korea end of this year via vpn or some things ? please respond something. i am hungry!

  13. pararaizubiimu

    que medo da bonequinha no finaaal!!!

  14. KlaudeFX

    i think character movement is bit too slow, got feeling of some kind of moon walk dance

  15. KayAndroid

    This actually looks really cool 🤗

  16. NoNamee

    pls come to EU i want to Play games again ;_;

  17. A D

    Is this game challenging? i like hard games..

  18. pallas12345

    Is it true lost ark is gonna be free to play?
    Because that would kinda suck. I would prefer to just pay a 100 euro. And to be able to see different armor types. Instead of paying for the look of my characters..

  19. RMaclin

    lol, love the way the guard at about the 40-second mark is staring at all the portals. You can just hear his mind going "F***********************CK".

  20. Suffer

    I keep watching your videos and i just cant stop. The game looks amazing. But one question keeps bugging me. Will i be able to play it once it hits OBT ? And if so do you know how ?

  21. Vladislav Steinbeck

    I wanna start to learn Korean to try this masterpiece right now ^^ cant wait EU realse :(

  22. Daoist Q

    The more I see of this game, the less I want to play it.

  23. Giacomo Loggia

    Can I ask you where it can be played ? And if there are any particular procedure can you tell me them please ?

  24. flamechicken

    fuck this game

    I say we should make an ultimate combination of Diablo and PoE into a big ass game and release it on US and EU first and all countries except Korea

  25. Linoge Z

    Its a shame western companies are gonne ruin it again. Just wait for some American fucks to pick it up, and make it P2W again. Cant wait……………. Oh and lets not forget about the content getting extremely bad dubs.

  26. RDubs

    I hope there is a hardcore mode for this game as it looks quite easy to not die.

  27. rollo pollo

    cant wait for this game to come out in 2055……….

    and thats only gonna be cbt

  28. excited last

    2:43 reminds me of a scene from lord of the rings, legolas pulling aragon up Xd am i the only one?

  29. Orlando Ravelo


  30. soulfulfool

    fuck this game it will never be released

  31. Xavier 89

    I like how there are various kinds of demons in this invasion.

  32. --

    press X to win (

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