Lost Ark Online Chaos Airgaitz Tower 335iLvl Dungeon

The test is now over, I still have a lot of videos to upload and stuff.
I’m trying to catch up and normalize my sleeping schedule for now.
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  1. Othman zodiac

    step you have any footage of the new raids???

  2. Gasem Almigdad

    Is it possible to change your lets say spec or is it that your stuck with one choice

  3. Carlos Hernandez

    fk i really want play this but ip block coming to na =( why god why

  4. AlastorsGaming

    So is this gonna be the new real deal diablo/ path of exile

  5. Luca Pergamo

    Always nice to see more lost ark 😍

  6. Ik

    Give in to the dark side. Use your voice.

  7. anjo fortich

    korea always has the best games.. :(

  8. LoreD

    Thankss for all the content of lost ark step ♥ do u speak korean btw?

  9. Bogdan Chirescu

    ilv430 is stands for item level?

  10. Zakeru

    Steparu do your friend natalya in this video, have youtube vídeo? I wanted to see more about batlle master gameplay.

  11. Xcenic

    anyone know any other streamer in the world who dont play this class? kinda tired already!

  12. Aetheris

    Steparuuuuuuuu you give us life with this gameplays, thank you! <3
    I just can't wait for this game I really really think this game will be out in EU and NA since Lost Ark's director already told that they want it to be a good competitor in the global market not only korean.

  13. Aetheris

    By the way, this game has force move right?
    I mean if you can move without accidentally attacking the enemy.

  14. Code Guitar


  15. Tarkus

    Why is this not released yet QQ

  16. Riyadh El

    Did they announce OBT dates yet? I can't find them anywhere.

  17. biliqgamer

    Hopefully, this game will come to NA/EU as Buy To Play or Pay To Play.

  18. Kenny Purnell

    Are you located in KR or are you using a VPN? If you are using a VPN, which one and what's your latency?

  19. Shellby x

    It's more and more looks like a copy of copy of a copy.

  20. Riza Adhitya

    is this side-scrolling ?

  21. Hung Le

    Niceeee ste is de best 😘😘😘

  22. John Montoya

    u back?

  23. XP Dupla

    Do a Live some day

  24. Blue Dusk


  25. Pwachiche

    Hey step, is there any mana/energy management, or this 'mana/energy' is not a problem at all ? Good vid like everytime btw!

  26. Lý Quý Phi

    Just waiting for the global release…

  27. ravinder singh

    damn looks so good! hope release in sea TOO! ~malaysia~

  28. sleeping Sheep

    This looks like a mobile game LOL

  29. Johannes Sommer

    is this game out in korea ? can u play it secretly as eu/na ? looks fun

  30. damondanerd

    Disappointed that the game lacks the beauty of the initial trailer that made me want to play this game.

  31. Zoran Malakovski

    great videos as always, i hope it will come to EU :D

  32. Archon331

    They really need to turn off or tone down the hawk sounds, its really anoying and its incredibly anoying with more then one of the archers

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