Lost Ark Online 1st Tier Easy Guardian Raids

Here are the easy Tier 1 Guardian Raid bosses of the game~!
I didn’t have enough time to try out Tier 2 since I was PvP’ing a lot.
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  1. Ren

    Such a shame that there is no spear class in this game. Woul've loved to swing wide with my justice-stick

  2. Regina Lee

    which did you like better summoner or hawkeye?

  3. Nightmare

    How many classes are left to be released?
    Can the raids be played solo? I mean , one must be on a party of X numbers to enter or not?

  4. krobix 'Kro'

    Any good healer ?

  5. Jhon Denver


  6. klantern

    Damn that Bard shield is insane

  7. Atreyu Marcus

    quick question, can this run well on a decent laptop? dont have the means to maintain a desktop currently :( thanks!

  8. hun hwang

    영상만 매번 보고 가는데 한번쯤은 댓글 남겨야 될거 같아서 남깁니다.
    저도 3차클베 호크아이로 했었는데 레이드는 못해봤네요.
    영상 보니까 마지막에 한번 해볼걸 하는 후회가 좀 남네요.
    영상 잘 보고 갑니다.^^

  9. ArtofDylan

    This game have boring ass support class

  10. 남성윤준영

    Hi, my friend. How are you doing? You may remember me, but it's the sound of music that was played with Lost Arc cbt3

    ID : 사운드오브뮤직 bard

  11. 남성윤준영

    I leave a comment because I am in the video.

  12. Stephen Mays

    Where is this things life bar?

  13. Aslan Manjer

    What graphic card u used it?

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