Lost Ark New Continent Rohendel Harbor and Main City Story Questing

An update for Lost Ark went live today releasing Rohendel region!
Doing story quests while exploring the new Harbor and Main City.
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — F2P Open Beta

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Комментариев: 22
  1. Christian Tolentino

    still no english version?

  2. PiratePineapplez

    one day when the world will end we might be able to get this game and it will be teh usual korean money sink for whales blade n soul 2.0

  3. Ron kevin

    Still no mobile version :P

  4. vasilia s

    Still no global version… Sigh

  5. KingTroops Gaming

    Still no console version😭😭😵😵

  6. Battle Angel Richard

    Jumping into the 'requesting English version' bandwagon

  7. Jose Fabricio Pereira Eler

    There is a race Jesus Coming back VS Lost Ark global. Who will win?

  8. Othman zodiac

    steparu trying to hit those kids bullying hahahahahha

  9. Alexey P.

    1:40 — Invoker ? xD

  10. Moo Moo

    State of the game now?:)

  11. Bs Kata


  12. Tora GuuMoonRyoung

    I am a simple man. i see boobs, i click like!!

  13. Trai Harder

    Looks so cool. They seems like the woodelves. They have a overall different Color palette than the other elves.


  14. Lenny D

    Absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing this video with us!

  15. Bogdan Chirescu

    I saw some korean getting some awsome looking items ,like armors and weapons? What are those? Can you explain a little?

  16. Manuel Montañez

    4:00 Steparu doesn't like bullying xD, Gj Stepa.

  17. automatik

    Lost Ark is like an isometric version of Lineage 2 Classic lol

  18. PaPa Pia

    pls, more video like this. this game have amazing visual. sometimes i just wanna enjoy the view.

  19. Spencer T

    Fuck you Korea!!!!!

  20. GND-TMR

    Any news about the Specialist and Assassin classes? Thanks in advance.

  21. Matylda Adamska

    this is so pretty :(((

  22. MsNeo1987

    how you got to rohendel? have 15 hearts 430 gear and i cant find any quest im on RU

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