After years of waiting, it’s finally coming to North America and Europe! The English Alpha Test with NDA starts tomorrow don’t forget to sign-up! I logged on to the Korean version to make quick a gameplay of my Reaper for an announcement video~

Lost Ark Steam Version

Lost Ark Amazon Website

Lost Ark Alpha Test Sign Up

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  1. Steparu

    A quick post reminding NA/EU Alpha test starts tomorrow, sign-up now!

    Alpha Testing Date June 11th~16th — Winners Announced June 11th


    Lost Ark Steam Version


    Lost Ark Amazon Website


  2. Fir3SouL

    OH WOW they made Martial artists and Hunter Male and Female variants that's sick..will they make the same for all the classes ?

  3. Jean Bryot

    Again they treat SEA like waste last year, just dont come to us begging for player if you lacked in EU

  4. Gerdronex

    I'm tempted to buy the Platinum Founder's Pack, but it's annoying they don't show you the mount/pet/avatar set.

  5. Swibbiee

    This was easily the best showcase of the game in its current state so far. I can't wait to finally get to play, it's been years of waiting and excitement, trying to play the Eastern version through VPNs and failing. Wasn't lucky enough to get into Alpha but already got founders pass for the closed beta. Cannot wait.

  6. Niklaus

    might as well just stick to KR server since the English patch are doing "Ok.." translations… and we always get the latest updates so…

  7. Pawan M

    So Alpha just ended? If I buy a founders pack when can I play next?

  8. Cntrl wrld

    🤔 isn’t this like 2d version of black desert seems like 😂

  9. Ijaz Fahted

    i remember my and my homies getting hyped for this game back in middle school, im glad it's finally coming out for NA so my grandkids can play it

  10. adzim Dante

    aaand sea asia need to wait like what > another 5 more years ? ok

  11. louis Lu

    so KOLIEN to me :)

  12. Anime In a Nut Shell

    how do you get access to the alpha?

  13. Henry Wang

    I have to say that this is one of the games I am most looking forward to after being disappointed with Blizzard, but I did wait for him for too long LOL


    definitely a soundscape i can live with

  15. Kuren77

    freaking region lock seriously waited for 8 years and gotten this…

  16. Edgar Zega

    how do you play in korean? is exitlag still working?

  17. Khoa Le

    finally i can wait for about 2-3 years more to be playable in asia with no ip block

  18. Most Wanted Gaming

    so it relases end of the year ?

  19. PrivatesPlay

    i lost my interest like 5 years ago.

  20. 근배

    If you want the strongest character,

    Choose a Reaper or a Warlord.

  21. ahmad alali

    controller support ?

  22. Yakchew

    I remember this when it's all hype…now im a 30 years old asian with a job. not sure i will still play any mmorpg

  23. Emmanuel Marcos

    What about SEA ^_^

  24. Nayake Burnsoul

    Steparu, i watch your vids since long time and need to say thanks for show us all the nice vids of games what you does! i write you to ask you, how do you gets the costume/avatar you wears in the reaper? is awesome!!!

  25. Ithiphonh Souliyaxay

    Sad xd This item is currently unavailable in your region AAAAAAA!!!!!!!

  26. Gary Kwok

    i haven't got married when I heard about this game, and now my daugher is five years old

  27. fafa as

    So SEA Asian player need to wait another 5 years then

  28. Derrick Chan

    Does it mean if I use VPN to United States I'll be able to play it (with the beta key)?

  29. xGunter

    sea server when? when im 100 years old

  30. Sterben

    I try this class in the class test area and didnt like that. But in your video this class looks awesome :D

  31. DeBuDDi


  32. LeRoi

    Will this game have an optional WASD-movement?

  33. Nathan T

    My grandfather told me about this game when he first saw it as a teenager. He won't be playing it, but I will :)

  34. Алекс B

    pve game

  35. N M

    Lost Ass

  36. Noah Baker

    I didn't even know an Alpha existed, I owned it, but missed it :(

  37. XtrlPlayz

    I wanna play the game when it comes out, my pc can't handle it.

  38. Manille Alob

    im more xcited with Diablo 4 than this game..i alrdy Lost Hope with this!!!

  39. sleeping Sheep

    Damm it looks like a mobile game now lol

  40. Potato Laptop

    and my country is block wtf

  41. kugmo

    Lost Hype Online

  42. S Rated


  43. kevin fadriquela

    Philipines please


    Final Fantasy XIV

    Award-winning Massively Multiplayer Online RPG

    Play the entire A Realm Reborn and Heavensward expansion for FREE with no restrictions on playtime.

  45. Stankhits

    is assassin gender locked?

  46. TechBass Arts

    Never understand why they long time to take to release globally. I thought global release will bring them greater profit ?

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