Lost Ark Mokoko Village — Cute Little People — Area Questing

After drinking a Shrinking Potion, I’m able to meet the tiny people~!
In other news, CM Risha is still alive and posted new Lost Ark info.
Lost Ark DB translated it! http://www.lostarkdatabase.com/cm-rishas-development-letter-preparations-for-cbt3-balance-and-qol-changes-on-the-way/
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — CBT2 END

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  1. Steparu

    In other news, CM Risha is still alive and posted new info translated by Lost Ark Database~!
    Shrinking Potion Dungeon Gameplay Short Preview — https://youtu.be/0jeTALKn7l8

  2. Juan Diaz

    Hey Steparu, is this game still in ctb?

  3. 1stVariant

    I think i will die before i see this released in the west .. and then the cherry picker will be Trion to get their hands on that game 8^)

  4. jesus Lexaul Lopez

    why korea hate us :-(

  5. Luca Pergamo

    Wow that’s nice!

  6. DxBlack

    This game download must be fricking HUGE…

  7. EJHC

    Should change the name to CtbArk online, well at least they are not like EA releasing unfinished games to patch them later

  8. Game Spirit

    Ooo, mokoko until death! :D

  9. DeadManRising

    do they have an office in the west? if not I dont think the game will be released until they do have an office. what do you think step?

  10. Regina Lee

    Read Risha's letter, CBT2 may release before fall i think '-'<3 so miss you LA

  11. Molhedim

    this game will be released in 2580 … jesus christ

  12. Thusky

    Area clearly inspired from Zelda Ocarina of Time, I like!

  13. JesusIsLord

    hi steparu! love your vids! I got some questions, does lost ark have an auction house? how about an item mall? also is it free to play? thanks!

  14. Tory

    this game is beautiful
    How would you rate it
    From one to ten for servers and fun and gameplay and stuff like that.. pvp etc.. questing fun.. etc

  15. 鬼Gozu

    <3 keep more coming

  16. Hung Le

    nice. thanksssssssssssssss

  17. Adhi Wahyu Kurniawan

    They really doing serious job on their music. I really love it

  18. Vafflin / ヴぁっふりん

    hm this has so nice atmosphere…

  19. Miro Mk

    Bet you this game will take a decade before its brought to the west.

  20. sikerow

    How are you still posting gameplay the beta ended long ago

  21. mastermill79

    Way to fuck up yet another cool looking prospect with cutesy bullshit!

  22. Lalinha Bolinha

    CBTs infinity ¬¬

  23. Ray Schwarz

    release the game.. :(

  24. SkyVanisher

    my gosh i really want to play this game….
    The wait is too loooong ;_;

  25. Patrick Willian

    So linear ….

  26. Filip Agrippa

    Dancing with Smurfs. It looks so fun, as every Lost Ark vid I have seen. Of coarse, it's too bad, I can't play this game, since it's not yet released, but hey, what can I do? I hope they are doing well and will release soon enough for the game to stay relevant.

  27. Peaceleaf


  28. Gary looker

    Pleaseeeeeee release this in the West!

  29. Takihero Squires


  30. Jaylious Yew

    The game mechanic is good. I am following this game for about 2 years yes, that's right And now I'm highly skeptical if the game does reach my region because the publisher will just ruin this game to a whole new level.

  31. SysAdminUnix

    This and Lineage Eternal, I've given up all hope

  32. sun vs moon

    But Lost Ark will not go to the EU from what I know. Or maybe in 2020,2021 so… No thx.

  33. Constantin

    This is 100% Polish-themed map.

  34. closed

    welcome to the chicken club :P

  35. 용가리

    살아보고 싶은 곳 중 하나…모코코 마을…

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