Lost Ark Level 50 Hawkeye Rushing Story Quests

Now that I’m level 50, I’ll finish the story and prepare end-game videos!
CBT might have boosted exp. One more continent of story quests to go.
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  1. GhostHunterz

    Why you no stream? :( :( :(

  2. Hung Le

    love it :3 . Question: what are we going to do after hit lv 50 and finished main Q. tks :D

  3. nexus nexus

    In most arpg games, most dungeons or raids require a tank, is it the same for this game?

  4. Neto Fernandez

    Best game of all times?

  5. Sơn Quan

    You wanna check out Talion, Step? It's a new actual MMORPG from Gamevil

  6. Dot 2375

    diablo 5

  7. Hibikio

    If there won't be a western version any time soon, what's even the point?

  8. Thuvanun

    is this game P2W?

  9. legaiaplayer

    Have you heard if this game is a monthly sub or free2play?


    How are you not bored of RPG games? You constantly play them.

  11. Aurelian Dumitru

    How do u like hawk from the rest of char u played?

  12. Valderen

    I love everything about this game, but damn while the combat looks flashy it looks boring as hell, monsters moving so slowly with seemingly no AI…looks way too easy.

  13. Konna Bonna

    hello there. Is there any release date for the west audience of this game??

  14. DarkCoin

    i really hope that trion doesent get theyr hands on this for the eu west release of the game

  15. Nazca

    Is this game open world or just dungeon focused?

  16. Barcasaur

    if that in game typing sound is not able to be disabled.


  17. Lý Quý Phi

    Need a global release…

  18. Yo

    Can you share the config of you computer please step ;)?

  19. 배진우


  20. Six

    Amazing videos as usual. Can you please make a skill build for Hawkeye. Since I can't read Korean 😞

  21. Oru Maito

    hi bro im playing the game right now and i hit level 50 2 days ago …. but on main quest i'm 3/7 and i keep questing rightnow blue quests ect…. does questing end soon ? :( when i know i can stop questing after 7/7 main quest?

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