Lost Ark Kalventus Shadow Dragon Nerfed PUG My First Time Clear

They nerfed this boss a few days ago, can finally clear w/ randoms!
His attack animation seems like it got nerfed by 40% or something.
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Комментариев: 11
  1. valentine garcia

    I swear it’s been like a decade this game just ain’t gonna release huh

  2. Erkan Purcu

    GJ!, Skill Tripod plz ?!

  3. MavC

    Oh… its this game

  4. Trai Harder

    Oh he looks fun. I’m actually pretty close to being able to do him too. Ive been running a skill buff build. I have the swamp and plants buff. An I use those before spear or horses.

    I’ve also seen the cone knock back attack can do some huge dmg. At tier 3 with the plus 100% dmg boost. Been thinking about adding it.

    Keep up the great videos

  5. Yo

    why don't you play your hawk eyes in raid? maybe to low ilvl on him?

  6. Sycogenesis

    Waiting on those project bbq videos Stepparu <3

  7. Oppo Ram

    See you on the Russian server ;)

  8. dreypanicfall

    I love the videos of this game <3

  9. Jean-Michel Macheras

    Hey do you have build for PvP and PvE for the Hawkeye ?

  10. MenicTV

    What happens if the bubble touches the dragon ?

  11. SIKA

    im korean, bad english,sorry :) I want give you some advice. you need shield penetration engrave. then you can destroy that bubble easily. you can get this engrave in 베른성

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