Lost Ark Guardian Raid Nakrasena the Giant Golden Scorpion

A preview of one of my favorite Tier 1 Boss Fight in Lost Ark Beta.
Also uploading the other Bosses along with the crazy new ones later.
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  1. Vicente Semenuk

    so awesome! i cant wait to see the other bosses!

  2. Jamestismyname

    I so want this to have a western release.

  3. okita sougo

    steparu we want a stream <3

  4. Green Bandit

    you seem to really enjoy this game… well atleast judging by the frequent gamplay videos.

  5. Rhil

    Love your videos cause of frame rate. Do never stop doing what you doing for us.

  6. Under Cherry


  7. Enhanced Nero

    The barrage of shots, that really cool aiming you do…..huh, I wish this could come to the US

  8. Antonio Corbacho Matthes

    It's your fault that I'm so hyped about this game! :-) I think that I'll get a depression or so if it doesn't come to the west

  9. JinVarrel

    Do you have twitch? Do you stream? Thanks man!

  10. Dongman AMV

    When is the obt?

  11. BerserkBeast


  12. Lenny D

    Thank you very much for sharing this video with us <3

  13. Hunter

    Great video like always. The boss really needs some better rotations with larger aoes that focus damage dealers while he hits tanks with auto attacks ;/

  14. Hell Weiß

    It's funny to see, how good a cat can play :D
    I want to play this game so much

  15. Asip Agil

    We need more

  16. WannaBe Faker

    just.. bring the game to the west

  17. Spicoli

    The game looks great, but the bird noise is infuriating after the 10,000th time I hear it.

  18. shinrutia

    I watch most of your videos, amazing quality with 60 fps. If you don't mind me asking, do you use OBS to record and what are your settings? Thanks.

  19. Potato Bag

    any idea how to play this game. outside great korea senpia.

  20. Christoph Egger

    I WANT TO PLAY IT NOW!!!! please have mercy!!! :(

  21. Vinh-An Nguyen

    How do you get to be in Beta testing?

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