Lost Ark Gameplay Chaos Moonlight 365iLvl Dungeon

One of my favorite dungeons in the game with a fun boss fight.
Random Wraiths spawn in the boss room that triggers PvP mode.
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  1. Vmann2103

    game looks great but i didnt notice one fucken item drop. Is there loot? lol

  2. StiaanSauce

    I need this game in my life

  3. Atrejd Posejdon

    Will be possible play in EU ? sometimes ?

  4. Kaloyan Bankov

    Another reason to learn Korean… you wont have to wait for translation patches or anything like that… just VPN and play the most recent MMOs right away :D

  5. Unnamed Сhannel

    Last boss looks like Gekko Moria from one piece

  6. Serhat Yücekaya

    shut up and take my money :(

  7. Hisper meo

    как же бесит этот свистящий ястреб у лучника >.< надеюсь его звук можно отключать

  8. Eneka

    can you say me the best ranged class?

  9. Nox_Atra Wendigo

    I feel so sorry for this game, it is looks so amazing, but I hate those type of control, it is so annoying for me….:c

  10. Christian Gonzalez

    help the guy with the magic is hurting the baby help dont ask mother ask me instead in person please help

  11. Adam R

    Game graphics are beautiful, Spell effects are amazing and that plus how good the sound is makes every attack seem so weighty. I honestly feel like your attack could do little to no damage, but off of looks and sound alone it would feel like you are tearing apart whatever your attacking. Not to mention a lot of attacks naturally CC the smaller enemies by tossing them back or into the air, staggering them and this only adds to the weighty attacks. Man i want to play this game so bad, it could be the most grindy game ever and i think i would still be able to play it a lot, just because everything looks so good and satisfying.

  12. Linoge Z

    end game…. super duper easy. DOnt need a healer, dont need a tank like wtf

  13. Nelson

    i want to know which VPN u use..

  14. Elena


  15. Ter Gunk

    I need a tank

  16. WhiteZoom '

    potato player

  17. Ling

    What kind of screen recording software is used? thanks!

  18. Srsly Jackson

    Looks cool but gearscore? Oh cmon fuck off…. if i read it i die inside.

  19. Wuusaaa

    Time to binge watch some Lost Ark videos!

  20. Kid Ceruzzi


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